Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Don't Care

I don't care.
I said,I DON'T CARE.
I wanna write my blog ah,so what?
I am feeling - hungry,sleepy,stomach full of water,pain eyes,lazy to study,lifeless.
I am starving! Always feel hungry during exam periods but I still can cut down my weight. O.O
Hahah! Good for me! Wakaka! XD
Decided to calm and comfort my body and soul by surfing the net,visiting Lola,typing my bloggie and watching funny videos.
I have prepared myself to sleep late tonight,if I couldn't finish what I should have done tonight.
I will place a super hot cup of coffee in front of me.
Whenever I feel sleepy,the smell of the coffee will wake me up.
Hahah,I wonder it will be helping or not.
It sounds ridiculous. XD
What's next >> Bio paper 3,Chemistry paper 3 and Sivik.
Skip Sivik,start with Bio. :)
Chemistry is a headache one.
There're a lot of experiments which involved many different chapters.
And they are hard! XO
Hopefully the Naphthalene and chapter 4 parts will be coming out.
Heh,dream girl. :P
Okay,that's all for now.
Pet Society time. I know I am a bit childish.
Good luck my friends,don't be tensed up like what I did yesterday.
Crying non-stop like a gila fella.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stressed Up

Add Maths Add Maths Add Maths.
My brain is all stuffed with 2 words -- ADD MATHS.
I wonder why I can't twist my pig brain even a little??
Is it very hard to be understood??
I tried,I did my best to understand,I cried...
And I am scared,and worried.
I feel sorry each time I see Mr.Yap.
He's good to me and always ask me whether I have any problems with Add Maths.
I have,I always have.
But I am lazy and have no guts to ask him.
I feel shy,for being a stupid student of his among all his good ones.
I feel scared and stressful whenever I am attending his classes.
I am scared of his attentions.
I would rather sitting on my place alone and try on the questions which I usually and normally won't understand.
Well,looks like I am quite emotional right now.
Yeeup,I guess I am.
Always,before Add Maths exam.
Hah...I am so stupid.
I am not confident at all,zero.
Try to comdort myself by shedding tears,but what can tears do to help improving and making me understand it??
Silly me,am still thinking of getting help from Fairy God Mother.
I should rely on myself,not others.
I Said that I have prepared myself to accept the failure,but actually I will still be kinda upset.
'Fail again?'
I feel bad for sitting in front of the pc and typing this blog,but I need to calm myself down so that I can continue with ADD MATHS.
Hopefully everything will be alright tomorrow.
I will burn the midnight oil tonight for sure,until I am satisfied.
Okay,skipping dinner to study as there'll be a tuition class which lasts for 2 and a half hour at 8 later.
No,I will eat a little,I need strength.
Have to focus on them after this short rest.
Miss Choo,gambadeh ah...
Although you can't achieve what you want in a short period,but please do not lose your fire and strength to continue with your journey.
I aimed for a B in add maths for SPM.
Not far away dear,it's comin for you. :)
Feel better after blogging,feel bad after blogging.
I have wasted my time switching on the pc and waiting for the modem to be loaded.
It's time to go.
GOOD LUCK my friends.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday was Earth Day and we went to Sunway Pyramid for the event Earth Hour.
I thought it was going to be fun and many peepoo will be participating the event.
Peoplenya sikit sahaja,aktivitynya pun sikit sahaja.
So lastly,we left at 9++ for the next destination,Old Town White Coffee at Sri Sinar.
Guys' party time~!
Well,we had our tea time aka my lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.
Waited for our dishes to be served so soooo long until I wasn't hungry anymore.
I wanted Pollock,tak ada pula.
And the price there are more expensive compared to 1U's.
Besides,him and I ordered a set of 'today's special' which were lemon tea and onion soup.
OMG,the onion soup was...weird.
I had never drank that kind of onion soup before.
It was dark and very much liquid-like.
O.O It tasted weird,and it costed over 9 bucks??!
Makan duit ah?!
BOO onion soup!
We kept on walking and walking in the mall doing nothing,we kinda considered as 'lost'.
I will definitely go shopping at there for CNY next year.
Spotted a lot of not bad pieces. X)
Ouch,tummy egg. :s
Lepak until very tired. :P
On the way back to Kepong,hahah,we took the wrong road twice! XD
Petrol and time and tol!
I thought there's another short cut to go back at first,when Wihong asked us to turn left.
I was like,'Okay,I am gonna teach daddy the new short cut to get back home...'.
Then I felt weird,why were we reaching Summit and getting further from Kepong?? O.O
Hahah,wrong road! XO
After that,we got back to Pyramid again and again,Wihong pointed the wrong road.
I said turned to the left,he said turned to the right.
I know that place better than him I guess.
My grandma's house is just right over there and I've been passing that road for many times!
=.= Hanyang had to pay for the tol twice,3.20bucks.
Get back home at 10.15pm and slept at 11pm.
I was tired and sleepy.
Oh yea,my art exam yesterdya was successful.^^
Although I did not practise,well,just a little,but I am quite satisfy with my paint.
Even teacher said I can get high marks.
I was delighted. :D
Okay,that's all for now.
Have to face those books again later,I hate it I hate it!
Felt sleepy whenever I face them. =.=


It's makin' me




Yaiks,gtg now.
All the best folks.
See ya!



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour'10

In jonjunction of Earth Day,I hope everyone will be switching off the light for an hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
Please don't be afraid of the dark,it's really gonne be so much fun. :)
And romantic! X)
My art exam will be held today,oh my God,I am not nervous and I wonder why.
I not sure whether I am nervous or not,I think half half will be the answer.
It's odd for saying that 'I am nervous for the art exam' in Plurk but 'I am not nervous for it' in my Bloggie.
Hah,I don't know. :P
I am kinda hungry,there's no food in my house. =.=
How could it be right?
How could it be??
Wow,I had spent a lot of money in Pet Society.
Easter Day's stuffs are all so nice and cutee! XD
Spent over 10k. O.O
Kaka,cuz she has a shophaholic mother. X3
Will be going to Sunway Pyramid after art exam immediately with him and his friends.
Earth Hour,I am coming~
But the bad thing is I couldn't study for the whole day today! X'O
It's okay darling,I know you will be fine and you could finish all of them for sure.
Cuz I am the super PIG! XD

And a fat one. XD

Look what I spotted! So Cutee!

Well,felt kinda bored yesterday so...

And lastly...PIG FACE

Retarded. :D
Well,I guess I am all done.
It's time to go.
And have fun in the dark tonight. :)



Friday, March 26, 2010

Brick By Boring Brick

Was quite boring in school today,feel sleepy all the time. :s
Had a cup of Milo ice and stomach pain immediately. =.=
Ice-cream,don't betray me ah. :O
Wonder he gets his license ad or not...
The weather is dam hot like a giant stove.
My darling umbrella doesn't work efficiently,the sunlight is still penetrating my umbrella! XO
First,UV light.
Third,I will get darker! >O<
No,I am dark enough.
I was dam fair when I was in form 1.
Before I marched,aiyoyo,dam fair.
After marching,even the commanders said that I have become the 'most skin tone changing' person.
Anyway,I am glad that I marched,and I had marched for 4 years.^^
My skin gets darker and darker each year especially after marching.
Hahah,and now,dark enough,sunlight should be more considerate and stop bullying me.
Having Chemistry tuition class later,luckily Mr.Kent did not gave us any homework.
Hah! XD
My art exam will be held by tomorrow but I haven't even practised yet.
The title is 'working farmer'.
The piece of blank white drawing paper should be painted with a farm,a farmer,and create something by using your imagination and creativity.
Well,I guess I am stuck.
Drew and sketch something in the school just now,will be practising it tonight after tuition. :)
I wonder dad will be driving the new car back home tonight or not.
We have a new car! X3
It's a Camry but it's not the newest and the second newest one but me and my dad love that type.
The car's back! XO
It's so sudden. XD
Daddy's back with his new golden car.^^
It do suit him much.
I took a look at it,it's huge,it's shiny,it's beautiful.
Finally,dad decided to change his car.
His old one,Mr.Perdana is already 15 years old which is considered as old.
That car is a trouble maker and money eater.
It needs to be repaired within months cuz the air-cond problem,the door problem,and bla.
We did persuaded him to change and now,finally...
Okay,that's all for today.

Hey Look!!

This is it :)

Erm...I know I am weird.
Don't look at ,e but the CAR! XO

Dad says it's hard to get use to drive such a big car.
What about mum?
I can't imagine my clumsy mummy driving such big car on the road. >.<
Okay,time to say bye.
Drink more water cuz the weather isn't nice.
And please turn off the light from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tomorrow.
Love the earth.
Save the earth.

xoxo peace

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Exhausted

Well,I looked into the mirror just now and saw a panda.
The panda is me!!! My poor eyes,I will get onto my darling bed tonight de!
Yaiks,have to sacrifice myself not to watch American Idol ad...
Okay,we had Maths paper today.
I screwed it up,I mean paper 2.
First,I had no idea what the stupig is 'inequalities' cuz I did not really focused on form 3's work!
Next,shit,I forgot how to do Probability ad,my 5 marks gone...T_______T
Next next,I don't know how to determine the angle between xxx and Straight line,not really sure,all tembak cuz I didn't pay attention in the class...>.<
I am so regret!
I will stay focus everytime teachers teach de!!! XS
I am beat,tired,exhausted and sleepy.
My eyes were closing when I was doing the maths paper. =.=
Wanted to ponteng tomorrow but because of Puan Vasantha,I am going.
Okay,let's forget about them,it's time for me to relax. :)
Guess what,I cooked just now!
I cooked sausages myself for the first time without anybody's help!
I felt great and proud of myself,I successed! XD
You know what,I was very very very scared of the oil and the fire.
I scared that the stove will suddenly BOOM! then you will not see me again.
CHOI!!! Dai Gat Lai Si!
Wanted to wear gloves but we don't have any. :'(
I 'operated' their flesh and poured oil onto the pan.
I just couldn't turn on the gas,I had to try many times in order to turn it on.
Stupid stove.
Then,when I put those sausages onto the pan,the oil 'JUMPED'!
Luckily I am fast enough to safe myself. XD
I turned on the stove,turned off the stove,turned on thw stove,turned off the stove,turned on the stove,turned off the stive,turned on the stove,turned off the stove...
I was worried that my Mr.HotDogs will turned into black men lah! =.=
I turned their body slowly,'gently',and bubbles will formed inside their body and some of them got too big and POP!
Hahah! XD
But too bad,small accidents do occur especially for newbies like me.
2 sausages of mine hangus ad! XO
Luckily just some parts only,hahah. :P
Yes,I love to cook. X3
I wanna learn baking one day,I wanna make myself cakes,muffins,scones,tarts and bread.
Food food food~
I was dam high and keep on smiling and jumping in front of my maid and she said that I was insane.
ARGH,I am hungry again! >.<
The thunders were scary just now.
Luckily they gone off now. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Before that,tadah~

I couldn't wink! X'O

Took this a day ago



Wanna take pics with the 2 windows also but phone suddenly out of battery! =='

MMM~~ yummy isn't it? ^^

Time is precious so please don't waste time,hahah! XD

Hangus ad...>O<

Tadah~~ Newbie's hotdoggies!!
They tasted good oh~~ ^^

Okay,that's all for now,my pig tummy cannot tahan ad.
Sleep early lo peepoo,buh buoi~

xoxo ~pEaCe~ xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bye Bloggie :'(

It's time to say bye to my darling bloggie. :'(
The exam will start by tomorrow and now,the students who are taking Chinese are all sitting in their class answering Chinese paper 2.
Yeah,I think so.
Goodluck guys,do your best and don't be fearful.
Issh! PS is under stupid maintainence again.
I will be leaving PS also!
How can you do this to me?? Stupid maintainence.
Aiks,my pig tummy isn't feel good these days,it's always under a bloat condition.
Maybe I ate too much?? Hahah. :P
Bloggie,I will come back whenever I have time,maybe Friday,or weekends.^^
I will be missing you a lot,it's been my daily routine to blog everyday.
And now,I've made my decision,don't touch the computer whenever exam strikes me.
An exception for weekends or Friday.^^
Well,I will be so uncomfortable not blogging right here during the period.
My blog has become my diary.
Yesterday wasn't a healthy day for me.
My head's spinning and spinning,I was feeling dizzy all the time.
I could not concentrate in my studies,dam it.
And now what,sitting on this cold blooded chair and shed my tears??
No way!
“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
I love it and it gimme strength to go on. :)
Steph,gambadeh!! X3
All right,that's all for today.
Bye bloggie,I will be missing you. :(
Wishing all of you

Hahah,just kidding! X)



Together!!! XD



Sunday, March 21, 2010



Just took my heavy breakfast this morning which were hotdogs,fried rice,biscuits and Milo. XP
Mum's suppose to arrive Genting right now.
Hopefully the weather there will not so cold cuz she is a easily get cold person.
Right now,beside me is my brother's friend Keat -- Aunt Winnie's son.
Hahah,he overnight at our house last night.^^
Okay,I promised myself that I am going to finish BM and BI all by today.
I will finish them no matter what. :)
Pig pig,go go go with LOVE! X)
Well,nothing much to blog,hopefully all my Chinese-taking friends good luck tomorrow.
All the best,my friends.^^
That's all for now.
Buh buoi~^^

Oh yea,camwhored this morning cuz feel like doing it.
Let's make a share. :P


Bye people. :)

P.S. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”