Monday, March 15, 2010

Fairy God Mother

Mornin everyone.^^
Hey look,the sky is grey at 8.34am.
Hopefully it will not rain later.
I hate raining in the morning. :S
Decided not to eat anything for breakfast cuz my stomach is still full with yesterday's food.
Maybe skipping lunch if I have mood. :D
Argh...The exam's just around the corner and we have to study a lot! included form4's syllabus,I mean ALL! XO
It's killing me.
Fairy God mother,can you please gimme more time to study?
Can you please guide me to the right way in my studies?
Please,I am very scared,I am worried,I am scared...
Btw,I should start with Bio as it is the first Science subject which will be coming out in the exam.
Oh,form4,it's ALOT.
Okay,gtg,my tarts are waiting for me.
Good luck and have fun in your studies my friends.
Buh Buoi~ ^^


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