Friday, March 5, 2010


Peepoo,my folks,my sayangs,listen~~
H1N1 is now flying all around in the air,so all of us must be aware of the dangerous virus which may cause death.
Clean your hands and your body often,drink more water and do not go to the place which is crowded with peepoo.
Hahah,why am I feeling like I am lecturing peepoo de? XD
Okay,I got back home at 9am.
It's sad,ChinPei,a friend from 5B has been effected by H1N1.
She's now in the hospital and I hope that she will recover soon.
All the best and take care! :)
Because of this,5A and 5B are goin back home early today,maybe we have to quarantine oursleves for another week,I am not sure.
But how about Miss Tang's presentation??
Aiks,God bless.
I was very scared cuz I thought that I must take a blood test so I can attend to school tomorrow.
I must go to school tomorrow,I am involved in the marching competition!
I can't leave my darling team,we have to work as one all together.
I felt dam bored so I 'slept' just now,for 45 minutes.
I don't think I did fall asleep,maybe just hup hup only.
So,tomorrow's Sukan.
All the best and Good Luck to all the contestants which are involve in it. :)
That's all FOR NOW.
Maybe I will add something if I feel bored later.

Come home safe,my baby


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