Friday, March 19, 2010


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Okay,we have planned tp throw a supirse for Mr.Kent,our beloved handsome cutee nice gentle loving patient smart Chemistry tutor.
Hahah,he's turning 24!! XD
PS's under some stupid maintainence which had ruined my daily routine of playing it.
I am now sitting on the chair like a lifeless person,what should I do here?
Definitely not studying right now,I am not in the mood of touching a book.
I am bored.
I bet he's now preparing to go for a movie with his gang right now.
Safe outing dear.^^
Feels like sleeping today,slept until 10 in the morning,feel so good.
Read an article about a 'Mirror man'.
'Mirror people' means a person which his or her organs were grew at the opposite side.
For example,heart should be located at the left side but their's are located at the right side.
Wow,it's kinda,amazing that a 80 year old man is still surviving cuz it says that people who have these kind of opposite growing would not be living long. O.o
He's an exception,a great one. :D
Wearing ur lover's clothes and get into sleep is something really,sweet and calming and,feeling safe and,he's just right there beside you.
Thanks for accompanying me into sleep,dear T-shirt. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Sigh...Exam's coming very soon.
Last 3 days until the exam comes.


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