Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stressed Up

Add Maths Add Maths Add Maths.
My brain is all stuffed with 2 words -- ADD MATHS.
I wonder why I can't twist my pig brain even a little??
Is it very hard to be understood??
I tried,I did my best to understand,I cried...
And I am scared,and worried.
I feel sorry each time I see Mr.Yap.
He's good to me and always ask me whether I have any problems with Add Maths.
I have,I always have.
But I am lazy and have no guts to ask him.
I feel shy,for being a stupid student of his among all his good ones.
I feel scared and stressful whenever I am attending his classes.
I am scared of his attentions.
I would rather sitting on my place alone and try on the questions which I usually and normally won't understand.
Well,looks like I am quite emotional right now.
Yeeup,I guess I am.
Always,before Add Maths exam.
Hah...I am so stupid.
I am not confident at all,zero.
Try to comdort myself by shedding tears,but what can tears do to help improving and making me understand it??
Silly me,am still thinking of getting help from Fairy God Mother.
I should rely on myself,not others.
I Said that I have prepared myself to accept the failure,but actually I will still be kinda upset.
'Fail again?'
I feel bad for sitting in front of the pc and typing this blog,but I need to calm myself down so that I can continue with ADD MATHS.
Hopefully everything will be alright tomorrow.
I will burn the midnight oil tonight for sure,until I am satisfied.
Okay,skipping dinner to study as there'll be a tuition class which lasts for 2 and a half hour at 8 later.
No,I will eat a little,I need strength.
Have to focus on them after this short rest.
Miss Choo,gambadeh ah...
Although you can't achieve what you want in a short period,but please do not lose your fire and strength to continue with your journey.
I aimed for a B in add maths for SPM.
Not far away dear,it's comin for you. :)
Feel better after blogging,feel bad after blogging.
I have wasted my time switching on the pc and waiting for the modem to be loaded.
It's time to go.
GOOD LUCK my friends.


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