Saturday, March 20, 2010


Aiks,suprise failed. >.<
The suprise I have mentioned yesterday was kinda ruined czu we reached there very late and the worse thing is,he knew it! >O<
Nevermind,as long as he is happy.^^
Did not touch any books today,OMG,I am so dying.
Dadfy,mummy,and my bros are going to Aunty Winnie's house tonight and again,I am not following.
Most of them are guys there playing Dota and bla.
Nothing much for me to do there,my home is the best. :)
Well,last night was a warm one.
We did not did much thing but we chatted and talked happily.
We seldom do that.
The 'we',refers to me of course,and my mummy and my 2 bros.
We did chattings on mum's bed,and we talked about many things.
I never knew that I am still wearing pampers until the age of 3 or 4.
Luckily my youngest bro is worse than me. :P
I thought I was the best child among my siblings when I was small but...NO! .><.
It was my second bro. =.=
My aunt gave birth to a little baby girl last Friday,congratz~ ^^
The baby girl is dam,weird.
How to say...Normally babies like to cry but she is an exception. :S
When she is hungry,she will make sounds like 'mm,mm' but not crying like what other babies did.
And normally,babies will become hungry and need to be feeded althought it is late at night and the parents will have to wake up and feed them.
Again,she is an exception.
After drinking milk at 10pm,she will sleep until the next morning. O.O
What a good girl she is! XD
Attended art class earlier at 11am cuz I had nothing to do at that moment.
Study? lazy.
Had Puan haris's class at 5pm just now as the replacement class fot next week.
Actually there's a replacement class on this Thursday but I did not attend it.
Hahah,bcuz I thought it was on yesterday. XXD
Puan Haris asked me why and I don't know how to answer. XP
Ate a lot today,sure gain weight!!! XO
My mum will not be at home for tomorrow cuz she will be going to Genting for work. >.<
Will miss you. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Feeling tired and dizzy for the whole day today,I wonder why. =.=
Have to study later,pig pig,打起精神来!
Buh buoi~~~


peace love smile

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