Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Busy like hell today!
My sweat keep on coming out from my sweat glands and my whole body was like...
Soaking in sweat. =.=
It's hot okay,it is still! X(
Heard something shocking in the news accidentally just now.
H1N1 is comin back and the first dying case has ad shown up!
Oh my my...I have to use my senitizer more often ad...>.<
Ben ah,I miss you.^^
How's Tioman? nice? Hot?
Drink more water ah,don't get sick and don't sleep too late ah.
Haiz...Tioman has no signal for 017! >.<
Cannot chat with him ad...T_____T 3 days to go summore! X'O
Haiz...wu wu wu...I am gonna miss you deadly...
Okay,what are left now...BM essays,tuition's Physics and Bio notes.
Yup,it's alot since I have a 2 and a half hours tuition class later at 8.
Sad. :(
I hate tuition! For today.
Haiz...No mood to continue blogging ad.


Missin ya

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