Thursday, March 11, 2010

Colour Me Full

Okay,the sketch's tomorrow.
We've been practising weeks ago and I had turned into a dancer from a bandit.
Maybe being a dancer is more suitable for me. >.<
Miss Tang's requirement >> colourful tops + flare skirts.
Yay,finally I've found them.
Actually I have a light colour flare skirt but I had forgotten it. XD
Problems settled. :)
I don't care,dancers can wear flats.^^
SPM results came out today.
Many ex-students came back to school during recess time.
I saw him,too.-^^-
He told me that he will be coming back after recess time but,eh eh,guess what I saw?
It's his face. :D
I was not in class right after recess.
I was kinda 'helping' the students to do stuffs in Laman Maluri.
My heart was pumping so fast,hardly can breathe.
I was becoming nervous for the ex-form5 students! XO
I heard loud sounds.
I saw smiles.
I saw tears.
I saw neutral faces.
I saw sadness.
I saw happiness.
I saw proudness.
I want happiness. I want smile on my face.
I told myself that I want at least 8A's for my SPM.
I told the sky,I WANT MORE A's!!!
Hmmhmm,I have to be a wise girl from now on,in order to make my dream come true.
Some of my friends get very good results,congratz my friends!
And him. Not bad. At least he did his best. :)
Steph,gambadeh le! It's your turn now! X3
Hahah,have to practise violin later,lazy. :S
Okay,gtg,buh buoi~
All the best for the sketch tomorrow!



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