Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour'10

In jonjunction of Earth Day,I hope everyone will be switching off the light for an hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.
Please don't be afraid of the dark,it's really gonne be so much fun. :)
And romantic! X)
My art exam will be held today,oh my God,I am not nervous and I wonder why.
I not sure whether I am nervous or not,I think half half will be the answer.
It's odd for saying that 'I am nervous for the art exam' in Plurk but 'I am not nervous for it' in my Bloggie.
Hah,I don't know. :P
I am kinda hungry,there's no food in my house. =.=
How could it be right?
How could it be??
Wow,I had spent a lot of money in Pet Society.
Easter Day's stuffs are all so nice and cutee! XD
Spent over 10k. O.O
Kaka,cuz she has a shophaholic mother. X3
Will be going to Sunway Pyramid after art exam immediately with him and his friends.
Earth Hour,I am coming~
But the bad thing is I couldn't study for the whole day today! X'O
It's okay darling,I know you will be fine and you could finish all of them for sure.
Cuz I am the super PIG! XD

And a fat one. XD

Look what I spotted! So Cutee!

Well,felt kinda bored yesterday so...

And lastly...PIG FACE

Retarded. :D
Well,I guess I am all done.
It's time to go.
And have fun in the dark tonight. :)



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