Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jangan Pandang Belakang!

Oh my God,guess what Mr.Fong did yesterday?
He was proudly sharing his self-experienced ghost stories with us,with pictures drawn on the white board and movements.
God,I am now sleeping alone as my grandma isn't home for a month.
And the window is right beside my bed!
I mean,not that close but it's still frightening me!
He mentioned about some stories which he and his friends experienced before.
First,he shared he story about the window.
When he was still a small kid ( 5! XD ),he and other 3 families lived in a wooden house in Kepong Ulu which located nearby FRIM.
There's a huge tree in the FRIM where the old time Japanese armies chopped off we Chineses' head and buried them there.
There's a passageway beside Mr.Fong's family's room's woindow and he slept right beside it.
One night,when he was sleeping ( his family slept together ),he felt something was touching his hands.
He woke up,and,he saw a white shining hand was touching him from the window!
I don't wanna continue writing about the srories ad! STOP! RIGHT HERE!!!

Okay,nothing happened,Steph,calm down,relax.
Take a deep breathe and smile.
* Twing~ * :)
I am going to have a hair cut soon in the afternoon.
with him >w<
Then,we will be having Starbuck together.^^
He loves cold,I love hot.
It reminds me of our first date when we haven't become one.
Our first Starbuck :)
Thsi will be the third one,yee yup.
Okie,stupig connection,I wanna play my pet! XO
A day off for today,no studies until night! XD

There's something I would like to share with you guys. :)


2.“三個臭皮匠”下一句他竟然填“味道都一樣”… 批卷老師立即暈倒…

3. 陶淵明的“不為五斗米折腰”, 那同學斗膽的寫“給我六斗就可以”…

4.“窮則獨善其身”,下一句同學填 “富則妻妾成群”。




9. 這個才過癮! “洛陽親友如相問”,同學對“請你不要告訴他”…





14. 這個更絕了: “日照香爐生紫煙,李白來到洗手間,

15. 小李飛刀一瞬間,李白頓成小太監。

Wakaka,I love my hair.^^
That's all for today.
Gambadeh to all my friends,ace the exam togetha!!!



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