Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday was Earth Day and we went to Sunway Pyramid for the event Earth Hour.
I thought it was going to be fun and many peepoo will be participating the event.
Peoplenya sikit sahaja,aktivitynya pun sikit sahaja.
So lastly,we left at 9++ for the next destination,Old Town White Coffee at Sri Sinar.
Guys' party time~!
Well,we had our tea time aka my lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.
Waited for our dishes to be served so soooo long until I wasn't hungry anymore.
I wanted Pollock,tak ada pula.
And the price there are more expensive compared to 1U's.
Besides,him and I ordered a set of 'today's special' which were lemon tea and onion soup.
OMG,the onion soup was...weird.
I had never drank that kind of onion soup before.
It was dark and very much liquid-like.
O.O It tasted weird,and it costed over 9 bucks??!
Makan duit ah?!
BOO onion soup!
We kept on walking and walking in the mall doing nothing,we kinda considered as 'lost'.
I will definitely go shopping at there for CNY next year.
Spotted a lot of not bad pieces. X)
Ouch,tummy egg. :s
Lepak until very tired. :P
On the way back to Kepong,hahah,we took the wrong road twice! XD
Petrol and time and tol!
I thought there's another short cut to go back at first,when Wihong asked us to turn left.
I was like,'Okay,I am gonna teach daddy the new short cut to get back home...'.
Then I felt weird,why were we reaching Summit and getting further from Kepong?? O.O
Hahah,wrong road! XO
After that,we got back to Pyramid again and again,Wihong pointed the wrong road.
I said turned to the left,he said turned to the right.
I know that place better than him I guess.
My grandma's house is just right over there and I've been passing that road for many times!
=.= Hanyang had to pay for the tol twice,3.20bucks.
Get back home at 10.15pm and slept at 11pm.
I was tired and sleepy.
Oh yea,my art exam yesterdya was successful.^^
Although I did not practise,well,just a little,but I am quite satisfy with my paint.
Even teacher said I can get high marks.
I was delighted. :D
Okay,that's all for now.
Have to face those books again later,I hate it I hate it!
Felt sleepy whenever I face them. =.=


It's makin' me




Yaiks,gtg now.
All the best folks.
See ya!



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