Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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I don't know,I am just addicted to the rythm of the song and,'today was a fairy tale...'
The song's quite nice,teehee. :P
Currently,my pig tummy always feels hungry.
Example,yesterday morning and last night before I went sleeping.
Grrr,my tummy was 'dong dong qiang! dong dong qiang!' begging me for food!
Duh,I am hungry now,also.
It's morning,nothing to eat downstairs.
Biscuits? Argh,finished by me yesterday. XP
Junk food? No junk food in my house.
Any soup? No,I prefer Dim Sum.
I want Dim Sum!!! XO
Bread? Omg,AGAIN?
Milo? Hmm...I will consider that. :)
That's how I spend my morning,thinking of my what-to-eat-for-breakfast plan and turning on the pc.^^
I am seriously gonna reach the level of starving if I did not take any action for my pig tummy.
Will be back soon.
My bros will say : AFK. At 8.48am.

T_T I'm back at 8.59am.
Sadly,there's nothing much to eat and...I took a bread + 3 little biscuits.
I want Dim Sum like what my bro's having now! XO
Urgh,I never knew that 'they' >> Mi-2!!! OMG!
Are so in love and...quite geli~ >.<
Nevermind,it's a good thing.^^
Wish you and your dear dear happily forever after. Hah! XD
Okie,that's all for now.
Buh buoi peepoo. :)


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