Friday, March 26, 2010

Brick By Boring Brick

Was quite boring in school today,feel sleepy all the time. :s
Had a cup of Milo ice and stomach pain immediately. =.=
Ice-cream,don't betray me ah. :O
Wonder he gets his license ad or not...
The weather is dam hot like a giant stove.
My darling umbrella doesn't work efficiently,the sunlight is still penetrating my umbrella! XO
First,UV light.
Third,I will get darker! >O<
No,I am dark enough.
I was dam fair when I was in form 1.
Before I marched,aiyoyo,dam fair.
After marching,even the commanders said that I have become the 'most skin tone changing' person.
Anyway,I am glad that I marched,and I had marched for 4 years.^^
My skin gets darker and darker each year especially after marching.
Hahah,and now,dark enough,sunlight should be more considerate and stop bullying me.
Having Chemistry tuition class later,luckily Mr.Kent did not gave us any homework.
Hah! XD
My art exam will be held by tomorrow but I haven't even practised yet.
The title is 'working farmer'.
The piece of blank white drawing paper should be painted with a farm,a farmer,and create something by using your imagination and creativity.
Well,I guess I am stuck.
Drew and sketch something in the school just now,will be practising it tonight after tuition. :)
I wonder dad will be driving the new car back home tonight or not.
We have a new car! X3
It's a Camry but it's not the newest and the second newest one but me and my dad love that type.
The car's back! XO
It's so sudden. XD
Daddy's back with his new golden car.^^
It do suit him much.
I took a look at it,it's huge,it's shiny,it's beautiful.
Finally,dad decided to change his car.
His old one,Mr.Perdana is already 15 years old which is considered as old.
That car is a trouble maker and money eater.
It needs to be repaired within months cuz the air-cond problem,the door problem,and bla.
We did persuaded him to change and now,finally...
Okay,that's all for today.

Hey Look!!

This is it :)

Erm...I know I am weird.
Don't look at ,e but the CAR! XO

Dad says it's hard to get use to drive such a big car.
What about mum?
I can't imagine my clumsy mummy driving such big car on the road. >.<
Okay,time to say bye.
Drink more water cuz the weather isn't nice.
And please turn off the light from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tomorrow.
Love the earth.
Save the earth.

xoxo peace

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