Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Wakaka,watched Alice in Sunway Pyramid with my cousin and bros this morning.
I will remember the cinema uz it's the biggest cinema I've ever been into,ever!
Theater number 4. :)
The room's big but it's still filled with peepoo.
Hmm...The mivie's quite nice,nit bad.^^
I love her dress!
I LOVE Alice's DRESS! The blue one!
I think that the fashion designers are very creative for designing the red dress she wore in the red castle.
Um,hahah! The red queen called Alice 'Um' at first,that was so funny!
You will know what happened if you watch it. Dam funny. XD
Btw,she is a cruel cold blooded queen cuz she forced her peepoo and slaves to leave their family and she'll kill their family members if theyn disobey her order.
She has a BIG head which she thinks that it is very beautiful.
Taste problem. =o=
Came back to grandma's house at 2pm then took our lunch together. :)
Then,we watched the second movie again >> Woohoo!
It's quite meaningful an funny.^^
Took Bak kut teh as dinner and fruits + sparkling juice without our parents just now.
Dam Dam full.
I'm not going to eat my lunch tomorrow! XO
Better keep fit before the fats come and knock my door. :P
Hmph,our parents are now enjoying themselves in Golden Horses Palace ( directly translated XP ),they are having buffet!
We,had our dinner together which costed 50 over and they?
Each for 80.
80bucks per person??
Walao! I am going to follow you guys next time!
I wanna eat~! XO
Hahah,stop thinking of food Steph,you're becoming a fatty pig ad la,hahah.-^^-
Paiseh paiseh. :P
Can't stop playing the songs -- fire flies by Owl City and today was a fairy tale by taylor Swift.
Don't stop the music,please. :)
Okie,tomorrow will be a nice day for me.
Time to go for some exercises,I am still FULL.
Good nigh plus sweet dreams my darlings.
Buh Buoi~



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