Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Rack War !!!

Luckily our group was not going to present our lisan today.
I haven't finish memorising yet!
School was fine.
Took a lot of pics in school today,so called 'pics of nature'. XD
We,PPSes had the BIGgest book rack war in the library today.
I hadn't seen this kind of scene before,big big steel iron book racks scattered everywhere and we,especially guys,had to move them into a new displaying way.
All the book racks are tall,huge and massive.
I felt sympathy towards the guys,they were working so hard moving them!
I did moved one,or more by others help.
I could carry one! I carried a cupboard with Christine?
I think so,yes! We girls can do it too!
Hahah,actually the cupboard isn't as heavy as what the guys were moving. XD
Ate 2 bread which were provided and got back home at 2.30pm.
The sun was hot,luckily Sofea's aunt fetched me home.
Otherwise,I might have turned into a roasted pork. X3
I just wanna become his pig,heheh. -^^-
By the way,we also had some fun capturing pics especially funny ones in the library.
We had showed our creativity acting like books and playing the role of Jack and Rose in Titanic.
Must not forget that we are always a big family,we are as one. :)
Well,some of my bro's friends came to play guitar and were trying on with new tabs and chords.
I was trying to learn an easy song 'qing tian' by Jay Chou.
Many guitarist,I mean people who plays guitar knows the playing of that song.
It seems easy but not if you aren't familoar with the placing,fingering,notes and the pain.
I am improving in progress,way to go girl! X)
Felt dizzy after taking a short nap,I wonder whether I did slept or not,even for a while.
I wonder why am I always felt dizzy these days,weird.
I eat as much as usual,sleep at the time I usually slept.
Yeeyup,no big differences,but why?
Will be going to a funeral tonight after Chemistry class,Mr.Kent's.
Aunt and Uncle Winnie's dad,err...
Aunt Winnie's father-in-law and Uncle Winnie's father had passed away. :(
We are going to pay respect as we are good friend of theirs.
Uncle,may rest in peace.
Alright,I guess that's all for now.
Oppsie! Tomorrow's Labour day.
Wishing all the people a happy labour day,rest more my friend!
Not forget,wishing MeeShell a BIG Happy Birthday,happy 17th birthday! XD
Okay,gotta go~ Smell something nice,am I going to eat? Or not?
I was full,but I guess I am slighty hungry now,okay,dinner on!
Bye folks,bye peepoo.^^


P.S.My darling I wish you were here♥

Thursday, April 29, 2010

English talk for 2 hours

OMG,thunder thunder go away.
I am going to write this very very fast.
We,5A to 5E had a long English talk for 4 periods today after recess.
OMG,I was dam sleepy.
After that,the weather was dam hot like a stove.
But it's now raining like...
Like...I don't know.
I am scared,thunder thunder!
Okay,that's all for now.
Oh yea,wishing me good luck later,I don't wanna get scolded by my violin teacher!


Thunder go away!

P.S.My dear,I have faith in you. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Freakin Hot!

My fingers are smelling like fish now cuz I had just finish eating a fish.
My dinner was vegetarian Bak kut teh! XD
Dam nice dam nice,can fight with not vegetarian Bak kut teh. :D
Took PBSM pic today,I looked so fat whenever I am in the uniform. :s
Guess what?
My first,the top button of my uniform dropped suddenly when I was entering the car this morning before I go to school!
Oh my God,I was wondering why I feel kinda cool and loose at that moment.
When I looked down,ARGH,my button was spoiled! Xs
Luckily it happened before I reach school,hahah. >.<
Look at the sun,freking hot sun.
I do love sunny day,but not TOOOOO sunny.
Going for Sejarah tuition at Cekap soon,haiz. :(
Oh yea people,5A - 5F will be having a talk after recess tomorrow until school ends.
We will have,but I am not very sure whether we are going to stay for 2 hours or 2 periods only.
So please bring along the books which are needed for the last 2 periods,just in case. ^^
Alrigh,that's all for now.
Sunny sun,stop being so sunny,can you? :)
Bye people,ciaoz tata adios love.


Blek. :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snap-Snap Photoshooooot !!

Well,I guess 5A's the first class which took class photoshoot.
Besides class pic,I was also involved in Chinese and History club too.
Teehee,I am now eating junk food -- double decker chicken cracker.
It's my favorite junk food beside potato chips! XD
Double choc ice-cream and chicken cracker have been my lunch today,sad. :(
I wanna eat rojak,rojak rojak rojak~
Ice kacang also nevermind,hahah! XP
The weather is very hot,I guess the sun is too energetic.
My throat starts to feel a lil bit pain again.
I ate KFC on Sunday night,the day which my fever came back to me.
I ate it as my throat was feeling much much more better.
But now,yaiks... >.<
Feels like drinking apple juice...AH! Fridge! X3
5A had 4 periods of Chemistry today.
Miss Tang's relief,so Mr.Tham took over her double periods plus his double periods = double square periods!
Anyway,I just attended 5/8 of his class as I was involved in some photoshoots.
Curi tulang for a while after that. XD
Gosh,am I going to finish the whole packet of junk food or leave some for them?
I had already finish eating 3/4! Mama! XO
Wanna watch 'Toy story 2','The last song' and 'Mother and child'.
I've seen the trailers,they're awsome.
Yee yup,I am considerate enough,I decided to share goods with my family members.
My snacks,my double decker,please serve my brothers.
Homework,loads of homework are waiting for me.
Sejarah tuition's Physics and Bio maths add maths bio essays.
Great God,I am dying.
Need to go for a jog urgently,I am becoming like a pig.
Okie,that's all for now.
Gotcha tomorrow.
Ciaoz tata adios cheese~♥♥



Monday, April 26, 2010


5A and 5B had a destress campaign today at 7th and 8th periods.
Oh my God...
Gosh... T_____T
Okay,back to the show back to the show.
We were seperated into groups of 6 and we had to write about the pressure and stress we are facing and ways to destress.
The campaign took more than an hour.
I was not sleepy at first,but...hahah. :P
My fever was gone,throat was okay,but my nose isn't okay.
Flu! Fluu! Fluuu! Get outta my nose! XO
Was relaxing the whole day today with a reason -- I am sick.
Had a short walk with my bro after dinner,it has been a long time I'd haven't been taking walks in the evening.
I used to walk a lot previously,but now... :(
Okay,nothing much to blog today.
Have to take class and PPS pics tomorrow.
AJK,must bring your vest yea. :)
Okie dokie,bye darlins♥


P.S.It's been the 8th month we'd been together! I ♥ you,Mr.B. wink:)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday was fun.
We first took our lunch at Italiannies.
I ordered Risotto with asparagus and chicken.
Hmm...It wasn't bad at first,but eventually I get bored of the taste when I continue eating.
Some of them thought I was eating porridge. =.=
It's rice! But the sticky one!
Besides,my side dish was clamp soup.
Eeeew,I don't eat clamp,but I oedered clamp.
At last,the soup was untouched.
My lunch costed 27.90 not included tax.
Everything went wrong when it was the time for payment.
We took lotza loztaa lotzaaa pics.
And class pics too.^^
After that,vege,cat,yan,caca,bee,ting and me went for a movie -- 'Ice kacang puppy love'.
Hmm...I still couldn't really get the theme.
But I could remember the funniest part of the movie.
It was when the fatty sister crossed the road clumsily after being rejected by someone she loved and almost get hit by an Indian motorcyclist.
'You tak tengok jalan ke?!'
'Saya sangat besar you pun tak nampak!'
Hahah,forgot what they said ad. >.<
Bee's relative came and fetched us back.
Reached home at 8.50pm,I was beat.
By the way,I am sick.
Was having a fever yesterday which had been one of the reasons I wasn't going to school.
Luckily I felt better during the outing,thanks for the medicine,although I hate them.
Anyway,my flu is getting worse. :'(
Well,there're some pics here.
Take a Bloo-look!

My medicine! XI

Well.there're many pics uploaded in Facebook,these are just a small part of it.
Nose,stop it. =.=
All right,guess that's all for now.
There're a big bunch of homework waiting for me.
I enjoyed the class outing very much although the food isn't that satisfying.
When is our next class trip? Hahah! XD
Okay,bye guys.
Peace love smile.

P.S.enjoy your last day of work darling.^^
I wanna get well soon! >o<


Saturday, April 24, 2010

5A's First Outing to Italiannies!♥

Gosh,having a teribble sore throat and a flu.
It started last night when I was having tuition class.
Ate flu medicine before I sleep last night and it seems to be better this morning.
However,my throat is getting worse.
Woke up in the middle of the night because of the pain caused by my throat.
After that,woke up again at 6am and I couldn't continue sleeping anymore.
Kakak made a cup of salty water for me to rinse my mouth and throat.
I rinsed until my neck was tired. =.=
Trying to get some sleep after that,and I am still womdering whether I did slept a while or not.
Having art class soon at 10.
Gotta prepare myself for the first 5A outing after that.
I am so exited! XD
This is the first time 5A having a gathering at Italiannies.
Yumyum,I am going to take many pics and eat until I satisfy! X3
Puch,my throat is killing me.
Hopefully it will get better cuz I wanna enjoy my meal. X'(
Yay,still in an exited mood.

Heehaa,sore throat please stay away from mey!
Okay,that's all for now.
Happy hour later!
Ciaoz tata adios peace


Friday, April 23, 2010


Oh my God,why couldn't I sign in my Facebook?
Grrr...This is the very first time. =.=
Well,had a great time with Mr.Tham today.
What he taught today isn't much,but he talked more than usual about life and studies.
I quite enjoyed his class. :)
Orientation is finally over.
I gave 11 signatures today!
My God! I think more than half of them had got my signature.
They even chased me,how could I possibly hide myself from them?
Hahah,Carmen,as usual,is still so passionate.
We 'byebye' all the juniors together,waving hands.
She might be scaring some of the juniors cuz she bit those who did not reply her action.
Hahah,poor didi! XD
Yay,tomorrow's the day,5A outing!
We will be going to have our lunch together at Power Center,Itallianies.
A movie after lunch as our desert.
I would love to watch 'When In Rome'.
It's a comedy also a romance movie.
Skipping school tomorrow for my art class.
Besides,I am quite...lazy. XP
Yaiks,going to Chemistry tuition later.
I must gambadeh le,Pig Pig,gambadeh oh!

That's all for now.
Stupid Facebook,STUUUUUPIG!
Oink oink BLEK!!

Bye people wink ♪♥

xoxo earlier dear,you mist be tired for working for the whole day today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hmm...Nothing much to post today.
School was fine.
Today and tomorrow of mine will be neutral I guess.
Gave many signatures today,ALOT.
There's a junior,a she.
She was way too passionate.
I mean,every junior are 'passionate' but she is an extraordinary one.
I was rushing to the toitoi during recess.
( I was the first one who entered toitoi! XD )
Mnay 'predators' were waiting for us outside our class.
Well,I rushed out of my class cuz I needed toitoi urgently.
I ran,and they chased me!
More than 10 of them stopped me,alamak,then I told them that I need to excuse myself to the toilet.
I took my book and bread along and wanted to place them onto the bomba pipe thingy.
She,the girl with passion 'took' my book and said 'Jiejie,I help you to take lah!'
I said 'No,it's alright.'
But she insists and grabbed my book away from me.
I was using the first toitoi and I can hear what they said outside.
A BIG bunch of them were waiting for me outside the girls' toilet like a wall!
I heard someone said 'Eh eh,her English name is Stephanie...' and blah.
Well well,looks like they know me very well!
Oh yea.
Wihong A.K.A. bakzham fetched Emily and me back home just now.
We were walking back home and suddenly someone horned us.
When we turned our head,I thought it was Kalye's dad who's driving Waja. XD
Hahah,that's all for now.
Stomach is kinda uncomfortable currently for taking a heavy lunch just now.
Kay,sayurnara folks.

Ciaoz tata adios twing~★


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ Mama Hearts ♥

Today is another BIG day of mine.
Today is my dearest mum's big birthday! X)
Happy Birthday mummy.
I am sorry cuz I did not prepare anything for you.
No present,but a kiss on your cheeks will be given.^^
My eyes are kinda tired today.
Puan Haris had added on an old secondhand aircond.
It is cooler than usual and that mede me feel sleepy.
Hahah,hot tak boleh,cold also tak boleh. XD
'Great',having Sejarah tuition at Cekap later.
Mr.Ruben's class is very noisy especially the Indians.
Guys,please zip your mouth when he's teachiing.
Let him end his teaching fast,I wanna celebrate momma's big day today.
Tia dio bo??!
Had McD as lunch with him at BSD after school.
We ate Fillet-o-fish,calories! XO
He's going to work for the next 4 days starting from tomorrow.
Awww...Please do take care and drink more water.
Take care of your belongings too,and miss me must. :P
Yay,will be having supper with Aunty and Uncle Winnie and their family at night as a mini celebration for mummy.
Heheh,sure get fat fat. >w<

Wishing my dearest mum a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Stay beautiful and smile always.

That's all for now.
Gonna take my dinner soon.
Ciaoz people.
Ciaoz tata adios


Enjoy your first day of work tomorrow darling♥

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Little Miss Lazy

Well,we got back our Chemistry paper today.
And mine,was terribly suck.
My SUCKY Chemistry result!
Ouch,tummy-ache now.
I hate you I hate you I hate you,when the pain strikes.
I hate the pain!
PPS orientation has started yesterday.
I have given 4 signatures. 4!
I remember one cute and pretty junior.
She speaks in English well and she is so cute and fair.
I like her look and her eyes,I think that they look unique although they aren't very big and they lashes aren't very curvy and long.
Her name's...Loo Shenning.
Loo or Low or...Forgotten. :P
ARGH,a junior made me feel like...URGH!
Wong Wei Kiat is a guy and he is the Penolong Ketua of Pusat Akses.
Someone thought that HE is MEY!
WALAOOO!! A guy I am??!
Was he kidding with me?
Boy,don't mess up with me,ever.
I have a strong fist,I am telling you right here,right now.
Wow,I am so cool! XD
Kak,cepatlah,saya sudah lapar,mana saya punya mantou??
Talked with Uncle Larry before I leave last night.
My parents will be late to fetch me every Monday cuz they have just started their Taichi class.
Oh,his cat,a she,a very loyal and obeying cat,which named cat.
Meow~ =*.*=
He will leave his cat when he return to his hometown.
I can see through his eyes,he will be missing Malaysia,cat,and us.
Well well,Mr.Fong's homework undone.
I am little miss lazy,little miss lazy is here!
Yoo Hoo~
Alright,that's all for today.
Momma's birthday tomorrow,Great!
I haven't prepare anything yet.
Nevermind,I will prepare myself up,for her. :)
Mumee,a kiss for ya!
Guess that's all.
Ciaoz buh buoi tata adios peace love smile ben I miss you wink ♪♥


P.S. I found this in facebook.















OMG,说的太对了! X)

Monday, April 19, 2010

ARGH,Caterpillar !!

Guess what? OMG OMG OMG !!
There'a a blackie fury not cute at all disgusting moving scary mini little caterpillar crawling upwards on my baju kurung during recess time!!!
Luckily Lingsze saw it,orelse I have no idea of what's gonna happen to me up next! .>O<.
My sky my sky my sky,OMG.
Why am I always having 'interactions' with insects??
I ain't cute,I am not having any sweet scent,I am not honey,I am not a flower,I am a living human.
Why?? Insects please get away from mey!
Go find your friend,I am not yours!
Gosh. =.=
Skipped art class today.
At first I skipped with a reason -- to watch 'Big bear small love' directed by Pikyin in the computer lab.
But the history society meeting had dragged the time until I was very late for it.
I decided to go back home. :)
I had a nice and yumyum dinner last night at SS18 which the restaurant is located near my grandma's house.
Although it says that the golden duck is their most famous dish,but we think that it should be the 'sugar vinegar fish'.
It was very very tasty,crispy,fresh,sweet scented,everything was very very fine.
I mean the fish.
I love the skin!
It's the most crispy fish skin I had ever eaten!
And the secret which had made the dish so perfect was the sauce.
We ate the duck and the pork with the sauce too!
Oh yea,my crazy dad even drank it. =.=
Look,there's some pics I've taken yesterday.^^

That's my 80 over kg dad.
His pose...=.=

He was posing actually.

My short kakak. XD

Our first dish,the name was forgotten. :P

Second one,the famous dish A.K.A. quackk the duck.

Did you see the bigger yellow bean like thingy?
They were superb bitter. :s

Tomyam bean curd. :)

Oh my God,that's the fish! XD

Our last dish,pork,my friend. :'(

The fish was gone after a couple of minutes.

It's my skinny cousin sis's.
She is still cracking her head up wondering whether she should have a new hair cut or not.

Eh eh,where's the fish's head?
It's on my uncle David's plate! XD
Looks like the fish was the star of the night.

Look at my big fat daddy. :D

Love his smile.
Love this pic. X)


Okay,that's all for now.
My elder bro is currently sleeping on mama papa's big bed.
I guess he's just too tired,he's beat.
Poor little kid.
Ciaoz bye tata adios peace love smile wink ><♥


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awww...My Sunday

I am now sitting on a cushy chair in front of Fat's pc in grandma's house.
Heheh,I did mentioned that I am going to jog this morning right?
Err...We did not made it cuz we overslept. XD
Btw,it's raining a little this morning.
Went to Carefour at 8.30am.
Mummy was busy choosing things and I were busy running around the food shelves and send my food into our trolley.
Yay,finally I rem,ember to get myself cheese.
All low fat,influenced by Puan Amutha. :s
Bought 5 choholate milk and a low fat milk,MILK! XP
I was late to art class,heheh,sorry Mr.Chin. :P
Awww,it's raining.
Rain rain go away.
As usual,I had no idea what Mr.Chin ( Add Maths teacher in Cekap ) were talking about.
I could understand a little,yeah,just a little.
I am dead,so dead.
He gave us a lot of homework too! T.T
Pig and Loh family will be going out searching for dinner later.
No no no,not in the rain.
So rain rain,please shoe yourself,SHOE!! BYE!
Hmm...That's all for now I guess.
See you people tomorrow.
Take care & ciaoz tata adios.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

1,2,3,Make a wish

Hmm...My plan was quite successful.
Thanks for Kalye,Pearly jiejie and her mum,they helped me alot! X)
He fetched me at 10am and we went to 1U.
I gave him the 'suprise' in the car,a own baked cake.
Sang happy birthday song and blew the candle together,I am glad that he looked so happy. :)
Watched 'Date Night',quite funny.
After that,we went to Ikano Power Center for lunch.
I treated him this time,I owed him too much. XD
We shared a pizza,cheesy duno what spaghetti and a cup of banana orange health drink.
McD ice-cream for dessert.^^
Were hanging around in the big mall,reading books of puppies and dogs together in Borders,and took a look around the streets.
Although we made it simple,but we enjoyed the moments when we eat,we talk,we walk,holding hands,stepping on his feet,and when we were there for each other.
He made a wish and I am not allowed to know.
Anyway,may his dreams come true and may luck be by his side at every moment.
I will bring happiness to him,I promise.^^
Err...Although I am quite clumsy,eat a lot,very lazy,and very forgetful,but I will not forget you,my darling.
Wishing you again a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and 3 simple words,


I love you and I mean it. :)
Hopefully you will love the cake I baked and I am very happy today.
My dear,I miss you already.^^

Tadah~ my first cake!

Happy birthday to you~

Heheh,feel kinda sleepy now.
Better finish Miss Tang's essay asap and maybe do a little bit of art work when it's done.
Oh,yay,going for a jog again tomorrow morning at 7am.
Will be going to carefour at 8am.
Art class at 10am.
Add Maths class at 3pm.
Alright,that's all for now.
Take care and sleep early folks.