Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Gosh,I was hiccuping non stop in the school at Mr.Yap's period.
I am still hiccuping now,the third time today. =.=
Whta is happening to my Medulla oblongata??!
Control it well darling,stop it please!
It's like a froggie jumping inside my heart and lungs.
That's how it feels!
Well,school's kinda bored today.
The weather in this morning was extremely great and I love it.
Definitely not the hot sun like what's happening right now.
Going to attend my first history class in my life at 6.20pm soon.
I am not going to be alone don't I?
Stop it my medulla oblongata!
It's suffering...T_____T
Alright,time to go for dinner.
Wakaka,all vegetarian today.^^
Ciaoz Tata Adios ♥



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