Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awww...My Sunday

I am now sitting on a cushy chair in front of Fat's pc in grandma's house.
Heheh,I did mentioned that I am going to jog this morning right?
Err...We did not made it cuz we overslept. XD
Btw,it's raining a little this morning.
Went to Carefour at 8.30am.
Mummy was busy choosing things and I were busy running around the food shelves and send my food into our trolley.
Yay,finally I rem,ember to get myself cheese.
All low fat,influenced by Puan Amutha. :s
Bought 5 choholate milk and a low fat milk,MILK! XP
I was late to art class,heheh,sorry Mr.Chin. :P
Awww,it's raining.
Rain rain go away.
As usual,I had no idea what Mr.Chin ( Add Maths teacher in Cekap ) were talking about.
I could understand a little,yeah,just a little.
I am dead,so dead.
He gave us a lot of homework too! T.T
Pig and Loh family will be going out searching for dinner later.
No no no,not in the rain.
So rain rain,please shoe yourself,SHOE!! BYE!
Hmm...That's all for now I guess.
See you people tomorrow.
Take care & ciaoz tata adios.


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