Monday, April 19, 2010

ARGH,Caterpillar !!

Guess what? OMG OMG OMG !!
There'a a blackie fury not cute at all disgusting moving scary mini little caterpillar crawling upwards on my baju kurung during recess time!!!
Luckily Lingsze saw it,orelse I have no idea of what's gonna happen to me up next! .>O<.
My sky my sky my sky,OMG.
Why am I always having 'interactions' with insects??
I ain't cute,I am not having any sweet scent,I am not honey,I am not a flower,I am a living human.
Why?? Insects please get away from mey!
Go find your friend,I am not yours!
Gosh. =.=
Skipped art class today.
At first I skipped with a reason -- to watch 'Big bear small love' directed by Pikyin in the computer lab.
But the history society meeting had dragged the time until I was very late for it.
I decided to go back home. :)
I had a nice and yumyum dinner last night at SS18 which the restaurant is located near my grandma's house.
Although it says that the golden duck is their most famous dish,but we think that it should be the 'sugar vinegar fish'.
It was very very tasty,crispy,fresh,sweet scented,everything was very very fine.
I mean the fish.
I love the skin!
It's the most crispy fish skin I had ever eaten!
And the secret which had made the dish so perfect was the sauce.
We ate the duck and the pork with the sauce too!
Oh yea,my crazy dad even drank it. =.=
Look,there's some pics I've taken yesterday.^^

That's my 80 over kg dad.
His pose...=.=

He was posing actually.

My short kakak. XD

Our first dish,the name was forgotten. :P

Second one,the famous dish A.K.A. quackk the duck.

Did you see the bigger yellow bean like thingy?
They were superb bitter. :s

Tomyam bean curd. :)

Oh my God,that's the fish! XD

Our last dish,pork,my friend. :'(

The fish was gone after a couple of minutes.

It's my skinny cousin sis's.
She is still cracking her head up wondering whether she should have a new hair cut or not.

Eh eh,where's the fish's head?
It's on my uncle David's plate! XD
Looks like the fish was the star of the night.

Look at my big fat daddy. :D

Love his smile.
Love this pic. X)


Okay,that's all for now.
My elder bro is currently sleeping on mama papa's big bed.
I guess he's just too tired,he's beat.
Poor little kid.
Ciaoz bye tata adios peace love smile wink ><♥


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