Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Rack War !!!

Luckily our group was not going to present our lisan today.
I haven't finish memorising yet!
School was fine.
Took a lot of pics in school today,so called 'pics of nature'. XD
We,PPSes had the BIGgest book rack war in the library today.
I hadn't seen this kind of scene before,big big steel iron book racks scattered everywhere and we,especially guys,had to move them into a new displaying way.
All the book racks are tall,huge and massive.
I felt sympathy towards the guys,they were working so hard moving them!
I did moved one,or more by others help.
I could carry one! I carried a cupboard with Christine?
I think so,yes! We girls can do it too!
Hahah,actually the cupboard isn't as heavy as what the guys were moving. XD
Ate 2 bread which were provided and got back home at 2.30pm.
The sun was hot,luckily Sofea's aunt fetched me home.
Otherwise,I might have turned into a roasted pork. X3
I just wanna become his pig,heheh. -^^-
By the way,we also had some fun capturing pics especially funny ones in the library.
We had showed our creativity acting like books and playing the role of Jack and Rose in Titanic.
Must not forget that we are always a big family,we are as one. :)
Well,some of my bro's friends came to play guitar and were trying on with new tabs and chords.
I was trying to learn an easy song 'qing tian' by Jay Chou.
Many guitarist,I mean people who plays guitar knows the playing of that song.
It seems easy but not if you aren't familoar with the placing,fingering,notes and the pain.
I am improving in progress,way to go girl! X)
Felt dizzy after taking a short nap,I wonder whether I did slept or not,even for a while.
I wonder why am I always felt dizzy these days,weird.
I eat as much as usual,sleep at the time I usually slept.
Yeeyup,no big differences,but why?
Will be going to a funeral tonight after Chemistry class,Mr.Kent's.
Aunt and Uncle Winnie's dad,err...
Aunt Winnie's father-in-law and Uncle Winnie's father had passed away. :(
We are going to pay respect as we are good friend of theirs.
Uncle,may rest in peace.
Alright,I guess that's all for now.
Oppsie! Tomorrow's Labour day.
Wishing all the people a happy labour day,rest more my friend!
Not forget,wishing MeeShell a BIG Happy Birthday,happy 17th birthday! XD
Okay,gotta go~ Smell something nice,am I going to eat? Or not?
I was full,but I guess I am slighty hungry now,okay,dinner on!
Bye folks,bye peepoo.^^


P.S.My darling I wish you were here♥

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