Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tears drop on my guitar

Had a fight with my dad just now.
We quarreled just because of mummy who drove the car into the compound which had be cleaned and washed by him.
He raised his volume up in front of mummy,oh my God,that's just a super small case,he got angry just because of that?
Wth is his brain keeping? Shit?
What a wonderful morning,but it's being destroyed by him.
Well,bro and I were trying to talk agaisnt him saying it's alright,nothing serious.
We got mad as well,his attitude,his 'manly' attitude,we hate it.
Can't you just lower down your volume when you are talking with your family members??
Okay,you have told XZ to tell mummy not to drive in the car and park it outside.
What's so serious if she forgot and accidentally drove the car into his washed compound?!
Will the earth die? Will he die?
It's just a small matter,he thought everyone's like him? A genius?
I always wished that I could be like him,having an intellegent brain,but I don't!
So? You can order me like a robot?
What if I wanted to finish my biscuits first then only arrange the newspapers?
I heard him,I just wanted to finish my food first,I am willing to do it.
What? You thought that I am not willing to do?
You want me to do what you have ORDERED first then only can continue doing what I was doing?
I am not your robot!
I heard what you said!
I am still respecting you,always.
You want me to follow your principal? You said yes!
What now? You are the terrorist and we have to surrender under your fist?
Shut up! That's your principal!
What can you expect things from different people which aren't like you?
I am me,myself. I have to protect myself from being hurt.
Is doing you orders late will kill someone?
You say yes and I have to follow? What if I don't like it?
What if it hurts me? What if I am not willing to? Oh!
You will open your big mouth and start talking craps?!
What are you?! You are my beloved father!
What had made your mood swung? Just because of the car thingy and the newspaper?
Hot temper you have,we all know.
But we have temper too,you thought you're the only one who can fight in this world?
I was hurt when you said I must follow and finish what you have ordered.
I said I am his daughter! You are ordering your daughter?? He said yes!
Stop being self centered.
I really wanted to fight against it because it swung my mood and my mind off,but I was too weak,tears aren't the best defence,but can't I stop them from flowing down from my eyes.
I don't wanna be weak,I cried because of these small cases.
I was willing to help cleaning your floor again,but you said I know nothing!
And you were suspicious that I was not willing to do it!
I am a part of this family,I will do whatever you asked,but not by sticking with your principal.
Daddy,you are a strong person.
I know that you have been through harsh things,you are experienced.
But I am not as good as you,I am still 16 turning 17,I have to learn.
I am not mad,but I was.
After thinking,maybe he's annoyed by somethings these days?
He's sad with something? He got mad easily because of them?
I have no idea. But I know that I was wrong.
I shouldn't raise my volume,but I couldn't control my temper.
I will fight against things I feel bad with,unlike mummy.
Mummy loves you dad,she loves us.
I understand what you feel,but there no reason why you should start scolding right?
Human beings do wrong,we all do.
I know that you are perfectimistic,you want everything to be in order,perhaps your order.
But things will go wrong often. Nothing is perfect.
I am sorry dad,I did not mean it.
Did you mean what you have said? You don't,I know you were just head off something.
I tried to analyse and understand the situation just now,I found that we are both wrong.
They were only small cases,don't be fear to face him darling.
I am feeling much better now,and I am able to think.
Dad,I wish that you could think too,I know you will feel the same way like me.
Just wanna tell you that I will love you as how I love myself.
But don't get mad easily,we don't like it.
Alright,no heart feelings,and we will be as happy as usual.
That's all for now,good morning everybody. :)


Let's have peace

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