Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No cheers for Bio paper 2 :(

I screwed my Bio paper 2 up,duh.
I finished studying each and every chapters,was trying so hard to flip through every pages,was trying my best to remember,but now what?
I just couldn't figues the answers out!
Pity me. :'(
Well,enjoyed doing paper 1 althought there're some tough ones like the first one. :S
I did some careless mistakes too.
Wishing myself good luck.
And...we met.^^
That was my first time seeing white ants' 'creative products',hah. :D
Oh God,haven't really started myself with BM.
Having tuition soon summore!
T___T May God bless me all the time.
Okay,time to go,bye.



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