Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 more to go,hwaiting! ♥

Managed to finished everything except chapter 8 and 9 last night.
Of Chemistry. :)
Currently having a mask right now,my face is getting sick these days as her mistress gets onto her bed late at night these days.
I am started to enjoy my time at night especially when I am alone after 11pm.
It's quiet with peace,nobody is going to disturb you.
You are alone but you aren't lonely.
Because I have him as my accompanyment every night.^^
I can do things I love.
But the thing is,I don't have my own room.
Otherwise,things will be different.
Anyway,I could have my 'own' room for a few days as grandma is going to overnight at some relatives' house.
Yay,I can study until late night without the need to switch off the big light.
I hate it when I have no privacy,especially when I am doing my own things.
It's like a prisoner.
I am not a selfish person,I need peace.
Be a lil bit more considerate,can't you guys understand?
Oh well,right,you can't,cuz you nuts.
Alright,that's all for now.
I will be going to finish Chemistry by 2 today,I promise.
Gambadeh darling,I know you can do it for sure. :)

I need you help too♥

Bye & good luck people.


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