Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh man,I have screwed my Physics paper

Oh man,I screwed my Physics paper today,doh!
Paper 2 was...'Great'.
Paper 1 was...'excellent'.
I was feeling 'awsome'.
And the class was terribly HOT.
The sun the sun!

Abandoned my bloggie girl yesterday as I was busy studying.
Ouch,sorry bloggie,that hurts.
I must put more effort on the other subjects next,go go go!
Just finished a cup of low fat milk,yumyum,I love milk.
Not attending to school tomorrow as I am not taking Chinese.
Wishing all my Chinese-taking-friends good luck tomorrow!
All the best people.^^
And...We met again.
Oh,I'm like a honey bee,I just can't leave you,my honey.
Alright,that's all for now.
Byebye folks,chow❤


P.S.American Idol -- Crystal Bowersocks ROCKS!!♥♥

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