Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Back!!

I am back! My pc is back!
finally,I had suffered for 2 days,and you are back!
My darling,I missed you so much!
I missed everything so so much!
Bloggie,I missed you too~! X3


4th of may

It's my dad's BIG day and as usual,I gave him 'birthday notes' + a Forrero Roche.
Was having a bad mood in the evening and I had forgotten why.
Tuition was tiring,but I was trying very hard to stay awake and to understand what he was teaching.


5th of May

What a bad mood day I had.
I just couldn't smile when I was alone.
So,no smiley face at home,not at all.
Slept very late at night,or I should say,in the mid of the night.


6th of May

Could hardly woke up in the morning with my heavy eyes.
I turned better and I was glad.
Guess what? We were having PJ class!
It has been a long time I hadn't been in my PJ suit.
I felt good~
We played basketball.
Ehem! No boucing of the ball,and zero movements of our legs.
Well,I got hit twice before teacher came,who threw the ball?!
Hahah,just kidding.
Why twice? The ball was first hit my back and it bounced to my head!
Of course,it hit my head second.
I played for 2 rounds continously,I wanted to sweat so much as you see,I am becoming fat due to the large intake of food. XP
And again,I felt good after sweating.
I did try my very best to catch the ball without screaming or shouting.
I managed to pass the ball for several times too! ( Although I couldn't do aiming for the first time :P )
Besides,I enjoyed washing dishes yesterday.
Hahah,I was doing a BIG help for my maid,so kind of me!
I helped washing for 3 times,however triple of them made my palms dry. :(
Violin class was great,but there's a thing which distracts me whenever it popped out into my mind.
I will be performing at the end of November?
Which means SPM??!!!
The first reaction I gave her was 'What??! I will be having my SPM!'
Then she said,'The chance is in your hands. Besides,do you want lock yourself studying on your bed and not doing anything else besides holding a book?'
Oh God,okay,I will perform,but please be on a Saturday...>.<


7th of May

Yeeyup,it's today.
My darling pc is finally back home!
It's back to me,c'mon sweet heart,gimme a big bear hug!
There's a talk during Mr.Tham & Puan Afipah's periods.
It was about 'hats'.
The talk wasn't boring but it was fun! XD
I was so glad not to feel sleepy,not even a little.
After that,get to 'tidy up' the library.
My gosh,the books are made of dust,there're dust flying everywhere in the air!
People sing 'love is in the air',I sing 'dust is in the air'.
I was arranging reference books and dictionaries,they took me plenty of time to finish them.
Luckily I have my dear frieds to help me,thanks honeys.^^
Sweating was one of the 'acticity' we were conducting at the same time too.
Well,that's my 'stories of my history'.
Gotta go get my pet money right now.
Ahhh...My pc is back...
My life is miserable without pc,can you imagine what will life be without a pc?
Hahah,sorry for being hyperbolic. :P
Time to say bye.

B - Benjamin
Y - you're my
E - eternal love



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