Saturday, May 8, 2010

Old Days♥

Woke up very late in the morning at 10+.
I seldom did that so I was very happy! XD
Kekeke,I guess I was too tired surfing the net until late night yesterday.
Hot hot hot~ Stupid weather!
Not be going to Pear Pear's dinner tonight cuz will be going out for dinner with mummy.
Okay,there are 3 restaurants waiting for us.
We will be having western food tonight with mummy,steamboat tomorrow afternoon with mummy's mummy,and vegetarian tomorrow night with grandma.
Happy Mothers' Day mothers!
We ♥ you!
Just finish writing Miss Tang's 'what do we learn from the talk' essay.
Oh yea,forgot to mention that we were having a talk yesterday from 11am to 12.35pm.
The talk was funny and I was kinda suprised that I did not feel sleepy.
Not even yawn. :D
Dad 'found' our old days pics few days ago.
They are precious,they are my babies.
Look,I was so fat! Hahah! XD

Baby me!

My mum's first born. Mummy,I love you!♥

Eeee~ smelly! XD

Toot toot~ Look,I can drive!


Shame shame -^^-

Papa mama ♥

Aunt Iris and me.^^


Look,it' my cousin sis and bro! Poor Mi-2 was unborned yet. >.<

I had funny faces,hahah! XD

Here comes my first brother.

BIG mouth for cake cake!

Hahah,what was I doing? XD

And look,I am a big girl now.^^
I noticed that I had many funny expressions when I was little.
Hahah,'dudu','blek face',big mouth,many many more.
I am glad that I am borned in this family.
For me,it is the most perfect family on earth.
I ♥ my family :)

Okay,time's up,gotta go,byebye.


P.S. I love you too♥

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