Saturday, May 15, 2010

I ♥ drawing

OMG,the weather is hot like a stove.

Woke up quite late this morning,almost late for the sketching thingy. :P
We went to a small temple which is located at Jinjang.
That was our 'model' of drawing. :)
Well,I never expect that we were going to use markerpens to draw.
Unremovable. :X
And again,I was the eldest among the children,or turning-teen-kiddies.
The time given was short but I never knew that.
So,I was the last one who have done mine,ish ishh! >.<
Anyway,I am quite satisfy of my ♕'master piece'♕ and the kiddies were prasing mine.
Heheh,paiseh. XP
Actually,my art center,'Space Art' is raising fund for a small school at Jinjang.
Our pieces are going to be sold and the money collected will be donated to them.
Enjoyed my lovely morning.^^
Took an afternoon nap after I came back home.
I slept for 2 hours?
I forget,but I think I did.
Wow,unbelievable. :D
I guess I was just too tired.
Lazy to study but I will tonight.
Himneseyooo! Chi o mi un ha,hwaiting!
Go go go with love!
Alright,that goes my day.
Enjoy your weekend my dears,and BEWARE ► exam's coming!

Ciaoz tata adios❤


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