Friday, May 21, 2010

Piggy Day❤

Yay,one day off today.^^ fellow friends are having recess time now.
Wishing them luck for the next paper!
Well...Since it's still morning,nothing much happened.
Watched American idol before I fall asleep last night.
Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersocks were way~ too AWSOME!❤
I ♥ 'Hallelujah' sang by him
I ♥ 'Baby I'm amazed' by her.
They will both make great astists,I bet.
Well,I am confused.
I was a fan of Crystal but now?
Ouch,Lee stoke me. >.<
Teehee,alright guys,I will support both of you. :)
The results will be revealed tonight,oh man,oh gosh,I'm nervous.

My breakfast was...I thought that they will prepare it for me. :I
So,I ate 2 slices of bread with MooMoo low fat cheese as the center and 2 sweeeeeet potatoes!
They aren't that sweet actually. Heh. :P
Feels like eating apple yogurt. :X

Gonna start revising Chemistry today,at least 4 chapters girl,I mean FOUR.

Let's see how Lee and Crystal ROCKIN'!!
Let the fire burnin' on the dance floor babeh!




I'm amazed and I mean it.
Alright,gotta go,tata peace☮


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