Monday, May 17, 2010

The Top Floor

Alright,5A and 5G are going to exchange class for a month from now onwards.
Yunisha just had her appendix operation so she faces difficulties to reach the top floor.
Wihsing her all the best in her recovery. :)
Anyway,I don't kinda like the staircases.
I get exhausted everytime I climb up the stairs. =.=
Anyway,we can stay away from the stupid mosquitoes.
That's a good thing.^^
Most of the teachers did not teach today except Puan Suleha.
I had spent more then 3 and a half hour studying Physics chapter 3 form 4.
GOSH. =.=
We met.
And I will miss you.
Not feeling like attending Uncle Larry's later,I wanna study. :(
Sheet sheet,I've got a flu,again.
ARGH,I hate you flu.

OMG,the exam is right at the day after tomorrow.

That's all for now,tata.


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