Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Face to face ❥

It was a sleepy day in school.
Almost fall asleep during Mr.Tham's class.
Btw,my darling and I called him 'Tham Tham',hah!^^
ARGH...pimples keep on popping out on my face.
Looks like I have to drink more water and sleep more.
Sorry darling,you can't do it for exam's sake.
Awwww... :(
Piles of homework undone.

My homework list :
- Puan Haris's rumusan
- Mr.Tham's Task 3.4
- Mr.Yap's extra paper work ( I have no idea how to solve them! )
- Puan Tehn's Maths paper work

Eheheh,less than what I though.
'White cap' is useful. :D
We met just now,finally.
Miss him lotzzzzzzz.^^
Having Mr.Fong's class later,better get myself awake all the time.
Yea,F.O.C.sweets will do!
Hahah,actually,our teacher provides us sweets so that we will not fell sleepy.
What a nice teacher! XP
Argh,hate Wednesday the most.
2 periods of MM,2 periods of Add MM,2 periods of Bio,and 2 tuition classes!
Matilah saya.☠
Fairy God mother,please be by my side always,I need you!
Alright,that's all for now.
Dinner time,byebye.



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