Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaktime Smile

What had happened in school/at home today?
- Ting 'misstudied' Bio
- Ziying fainted at tapak before exam starts
- my stomach pain in a sudden
- I suffered the pain from 8 to recess time
- Chemistry paper 2 was hard
- paper 1 was better as there're less calculations which I usually mong mong cha cha with
- OMG,BIO tomorrow...
- just finished revising Chapter 2 to 6
- dam tired and sleepy
- 6 more chapters to go
- oh sheet!
- surrently taking a break now after dinner
- the time now is 5.49pm in the evening
- all the best for Bio tomorrow
- looks like I am going to burn the midnight oil again tonight
- good luck friends
- I miss my hubby
- bye
- xoxo

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