Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guli Choo

People~ I have a new name called 'Choo Guli'!
Hahah,but please don't call me Choo Guli ah. :P
I think Guli Choo is nicer...Hmmm...Yeah.
The name came from the word 'chocolate'.
My dad joked with me before saying that he should name me Choo Gu Li. XD
Hahah,play play only ah,my name is still Choo Min Hua.
Gosh,having my second tuition class soon at cekap.
I am going to study the poems,short stories and The pearl during Mr.Ruben's class.
I don't care and I won't care!
Well,today's paper was okay...
But I ain't that confident with the second novel question.
I did tembak a lil bit. XP
Having BI paper tomorrow,haven't started anything yet because of tuition.



Grrarrr,my eyes are pain and tired,couldn't wake up this morning,duh.
Did stupid things again during Puan Haris's class.
Stupig stupig me!
Oink oink! :@
Anyway,I still love piggies,muahh! XD
Alright,that's all for now,see you tomorrow bloggie darling.


Oh yeah,tomorrow's THURSDAY❤

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