Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exam's 2-more-row!

Gosh,exam's tomorrow,I hate it.
Not feeling so well these days,but why before exam?
The first subject falls to Moral.
I managed to finish memories the Moral values in school and I hope that I could remember all of them.
Dropped my umbrella on the street when I was going back home.
My umbrella...T_____T
Hopefully the people who saw will return it back to me,if they keep it for me.
OUCH! Stomachache! >.<


Gosh,have to study really hard these days.
Pray hard too!
Having Mr.Fong's class later,oh man,I am gonna fall asleep.
Btw,I did fall asleep twice last night during Uncle Larry's class. XD
Alright,gotta go,byebye♥


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