Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bloggers/Inniters' Lousang Gathering *28.1.11*

Yesterday was such a blast!

Had lotza fun with all the bloggers & inniters yesterday in OU Sri Melaka! Before that,I was kinda nervous to meet all of you because it was my first time attending innit gathering. I felt so...PAISEH :X What I did when I first stepped into Restoran Sri Melaka was to hug miss tiny little Sherry Degarmo because I told her that I am going to hug her when I see her! And then,I saw a lot of bloggers whom I know their faces XD After that,I ran to my place to look for my darling sista Yeeing! After chatting with each other for so long,finally we girls get to meet each other! *so touched LOL* 

Hmm,I think my table was the most quiet one,lou sang also not as 'geng' as other 3 tables. I can see that everyone was feeling so high & the atmosphere was hawt like fire! I kept shaking hands,saying 'hi I am Stephanie & who are you?' at the same time munching my Nyonya fried rice *nyum nyum nyum* LOL,please don't laugh at me,I guess I was just too hungry XD

The dress code was actually red,but I don't have any red tops so I had no choice but to wear pink >< But never mind,I had 3 red flowers at my sexy back lol. We spent most of our time taking pictures,as what I've expected :P Okay,shall let the pictures lead you now :)

The first pic taken by my Nikon baby.
Models of the day (from left) :

My Nyonya fried rice,yummy & tasty! 9 bucks.

Joey's & Boon Yau's 'don't know' what fried rice.
P.S.-- Joey's Carmen's honey bee ; Boon Yau's Yeeing's strawberry.

Meet the sweet until tak boleh tahan couple,Carmen & Joey!

Yeeing & I :D

Yeeing & Crazywrazy a.k.a Aaron.
Aaron is my senior,we graduated from the same secondary school! XD

Ho ho ho,the late late comers (from left) :
Jacob,Glam,Kuromeowie a.k.a Iris.

Girls rule!
(from left) Yeeing,Li Chuen,me,Meowie

Meet my hunnies!
(from left) Sherry Degarmo the little,Yeeing,Carmen,me

Our 'shock/syok' face! XD
My favorite shot!

I told you that I am going to play with your hair XD fluffy bracelet was trying to coil my neck...*cough cough*

HELP! Carmen is crazy! HELP!!! XD

(from left) Meowie,Yeeing,Henry,sorry! ><

Our lousang *before the war*

Our lousang again *after the war*
Hey you guys were lou-ing my chopstick larh! XD

Meet the hotties~

Tikkoss is a hottie too? It is questioned XD

Obviously,we can pose! Modelling agents look! 

Ehem,Mr.Tikkoss,I am sorry to proclaim that you have to stop eating & start keeping fit.
Hahaha LOL! Just kidding XD

I had Jayren beside me!

Edwin & I.
He really is a model! :D

Okay,I have 2 HenryS here.
The left one is Henry Monkey,the right one is Henry Baboon.
Lol actually I still don't know which Henry you are XD

(from left) Tikkoss *ghost head*,me *spot my invisible hand*,Kahmon,Nana Eddy

Finally,a peaceful one XD

Jessica & I.
She look so pretty ^^

The pink gang!

Meet Kian Fai the rox!
Do we look like FBI? 
*I know I know,we have forgotten our specs*

Xing the organizer!
Give her a round of applause!
Xing xing,you're such a great organizer!
<3 <3 <3

Cheese~ Aww time to go home :(

Carmen darling & I hug-hugged! X3

Aww crabby post is so cute! XD

That goes my first innit gathering & I think it's awesome! 

We should organize more gatherings & I wish to get to know more about YOU in person ^^ Okay,that's all for now,looking forward for the next gathering. Love you guys ;)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Cinderella Story

This is another real life Cinderella story.
'Cinderella story the third'.

 LOL just kidding ( my prince is more handsome & charming ). Alright,I have been to work yesterday,as a 'maid'. My job was to get my uncle's house's cleaning job done.Imagine this. I had never done any household chores ( I did,maybe 2 or 3 days a year,unless there's a miracle ),I don't cook,I don't do my laundry,I don't wash dishes,I don't mop the floor,I don't... What I do then? Getting my blanket folded ( which I hate it ) & tidy up my closet + dressing table ( my fav lol ). I am a bad bad Cinderella ;P

So,daddy fetched me so his house early in the morning. Actually the uncle I mentioned is my mum's cousin sister's dad,I called him 舅公. We seldom meet,only once a year during CNY. But this year is different,we will meet twice,yesterday plus CNY :) He is kinda,egoistic. But he is an educated person,he studied a lot until he was honorific a doctor. Even now,he is still teaching students about Chinese medicine although he is already aged 70++. I prefer talking to my 舅母,she is nicer heh. I started working at the time I stepped into the house. It is an old house which they have lived in for a long time. Aunt asked me to change my clothes & this is how it looked like...

Yellow big tee + floral pants + oldie slippers.
A bit like 山姑 lol.

Disaster begins.

First,I wiped the dust covering their wardrobes,racks,photo frames,doors & windows. I even climbed up the stairs to wipe the fans & light bulbs! Stairs! How challenging O.O Not forget to take some snapshots blek :P

This is only one small part of the window,racks,wardrobes,photo frames. Oh,I even wiped those trophies. 

The gate,I wiped everything,tiring =.=

Aunt said the old old houses were all ventilated.
For example,their kitchen.

Shhh,they didn't see this.

One pail of clean water,one pail of dirty water.
Cannot differentiate? The blue one is the dirty one.

Aunt asked me to wipe the 'turtle' but I refused,because it is a real one but a dead specimen!

The living room,it was kinda messy.

A part of my uncle's study room.
I had to climb up to clean the top part... T.T

I saw this thing,I bet it is a 70-ties 80-ties kind of treatment machine.

The toilet. The windows were so dusty yet my nose is sensitive towards dust...

Nah,dusty nasty cloth.

Spot the stairs & the fan?
Yeap,I climbed up the stairs & wiped the fan.
That was the third fan btw =.=
Oh,can you see the boxes behind? I sort of rearranged everything from top to bottom...

Spot the fan & other 2 lamps?
Again,I climbed up & got every single inch of them wiped =.=

I had been working & cleaning for 5 & a half hours,finally,I got to rest during lunch time at 1...
*call me a superwoman! XD*

The kitchen. I cleaned the wall,the stove,the sinks,& everything!
I am afraid of oily stuffs but I still did it.
A cheer for myself! XD

The last thing I have done was to sweep the floor & wipe it. Whoa,it was super duper hyper extremely exhausting!


I was paid,I even got paid extra ^^ Thanks to my aunt,she treated me so well,we talked a lot when I was taking a rest & she even treated me with kimchi :D Although it was a tiring day,but I do enjoyed it,it is a great experience for me :)

Lesson learnt:
I will never become a housewife,never!


*Looking forward for tomorrow's lousang gathering!*
Can I wear pink?