Thursday, January 6, 2011

Season of the Witch

I guess I'm just afraid of horror movies. You know what? I watched 'Season of the Witch' with my friend Emily just now,I ONLY WATCHED HALF OF IT =.=  I screamed like,5 times or more? Holly,I should have watched the trailer or at least going through the synopsis before watching it. IT,IS,SO,SCARY!!!

First of all,I DO NOT watch ghost or any horror movies. This is not the first horror movie I have watched,the first one was the... Um... It's about a big alligator or something. Sh*t,forget about it,I am getting afraid here. Well,I am scared of ghost so it's normal that I am not watching it. NO WAY.

Since I just watched half of it,I can only explain the storylines roughly here. It begins with the killing of 3 women. KILLING,how violent the movie is. Killing has covered up 1/3 part of the movie if I am not mistaken. Bloody & cold blooded,not my type. The 3 women were suspected as they are witches & have spread a disease all over the villages. The people have to kill the witch to destroy the disease because the disease kills. Finally,the 'witch' ( it's not a witch actually,it's some kind of weird ugly amphibian-like flying creature ) was killed by a spell & an innocent girl was saved. Tadah,that's it,the story.

I shall not watch horror movies anymore,no more,no more. I hate bloody stuff,that's why my ambition is never a doctor. I did dreaming of becoming a nurse when I was very young but now no more. I hate needles,I hate pain. 

No more horror movies! NO MORE!

Attended my very first driving lesson yesterday. It was fun but tiring! My left foot was tired because of the clutch. I lost control sometimes but I was able to handle it quite nicely,hahah. Luckily my instructor has a good temper & he did not scolded me,phew~ I wonder why the car kept 'sei fo',hahah! Whenever the car 'sei fo',I laughed & laughed & laughed. The instructor asked me not to laugh but I laughed even louder! HAHAHAHA!!! XD  He's very funny. He said that I am very ganas because I kept stepping on the peddle very hard & the engine 'whooooom~',hahah! Took a pic secretly when he went to buy sweets :P As a memory.

Emily & I went to Kepong Village Mall a.k.a Tesco for the movie. Ordered a cup of Milo before entering the cinema as it's super duper cold. Stupid Milo scalded my tongue,sob :'(  

Spotted my hair? Emily curled it for me! XD thanks to Emily,my big dear. We girls played with curler before that,it's my first time curling my hair,exited! 

She's so greedy that she actually sucked in the Milo with 2 straws.

Meet ma hair,no big big curls,just slight curls.

 He took this for me :)

Curly fries! Oh I miss those fries.

This is us. Love him much!

Will be going to Cameron Highland tomorrow & will be back on Sunday. Shall blog again next Monday. Take care people,ciao xoxo 



  1. I don't watch horror movie too! I can shout/cry!! It's tooo scary. I haven't watch this movie so... I hold it first. :D

  2. It is ok la.. Not that scary after that. Only the beginning it was cruel =D

  3. Joanney: For me,yes! Hahah!
    Peace: Hahah,better don't,because it's very bloody! ><
    Snowman: Yala,im a little mouse ><
    Qiwen: Sigh,I am so scared of these kind of movies!

  4. waa..i thought it is a movie like harry potter,adventurous type one>< horror movieeE????

  5. Hahah,for me,it's a horror movie! XD I also though that it's like Harry Potter,with magic,but nope ><