Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowing in Cameron?

As what I've mentioned in my previous post,I have been to Cameron Highland on Last Friday for 3 days 2 nights. That's my third time 'visiting' Cameron,kinda familiar with it already,hahah. My uncle,David fetched me from his house at 3.30pm. After 4 & a half hours of extreme journey of bumpy & curved road,we finally reached our hotel at 7.45pm. There's only one word to describe Cameron suitably -- free king COLD!! That's why the title of this post is 'snowing in Cameron'. >.<  After settling our stuffs down in our room,we went down to the basement to have our steamboat dinner. I guess the 6 of us had swallowed several kilograms of vegetable in 2 days =.= Kilograms people,KILOGRAMS!! As you know,Cameron Highland produces a great amount of vegetable. Wow,looks like we had been through a healthy journey this time. Hahah ^^

Let the pictures lead you. Enjoy ^^

Outfit of the day.

Look at the thick mist.

This is the basement where we took our breakfast & dinner.

The hotel we stayed in.
There's their contact number,refer to it if you need them ;)

Steamboat begins.


Cousin bro,Fat + cousin sis,Mi-2 XD

Love the egg!

I look stupid,I know.

Err,it's some kind of seafood *forgot what's its name*.

Meet prawnie!

In the next morning...

Breakfast :
2 scrabble eggs,baked beans,2 sausages etc.

Strawberries are love!

Kissing you.
The strawberry,not you.

Cousin Flora & I.

After that,we begin our journey in Cameron!
Here we go,strawberry farm!

On the way to meet the strawberries,we passed by the village of orang asli.

My outfit of the next day!
I looked like an apple right? Hahah!

Meet the lovely strawberries.

Wanna bite?


After that,we headed to Smoke House.
It belongs to British people long time ago.
There's a history of it,I think so ^^

Pretty flowers.

Have you seen black leaves before?

Actually,it's forbidden to take pictures there.

Luckily the gate did not break. LOL!

We passed by this beautiful hotel,'de la Fern Hotel'.
It is a 5 star hotel,let me tell you,EXPENSIVE TILL DEATH.

Then,we headed to BOH tea farm. There are 2 BOH tea farms in Cameron.

'UMMPH!' tea shop,how cute.

Beautiful view.

Can you see me? ^^

In the second BOH tea farm.
There's a tea center up there,that's where I was heading to.
The staircases made me beat up! >.<

How spectacular.

Taken by Flora.
Look a bit cacat in the second one =.= 

When the wind kisses my face.
I'll think of you.

The inner view of the tea center.
It's actually a cafe,tea cafe.
My dad called it as 'glass house'.

Scones,my love.

Apple pie.

Chocolate melt!

Tea or me?

Weird pose LOL.

Loving this pose I guess?

Next,we went to xxx flower shop *forgot the name*.
Took many pics of pretty flowers,have a look ^^

Say cheese~

I love flowers.
I do.

Taken by Flora again.

Look at the thorns O.O

So cute! XD

I don't like this,it looks like a centipede,yuck.

Hahah,this tree looks like a giraffe right? :D
BIG hump hump.

Or Garfield's paw! XD

After that,we headed to the market to gaigai.

Do you know what this is?
It's 'apple jambu',weird right?
2 for 15,very expensive!

RED is the new black cuz it rockz!!

In the room...

I took pics with Flora's Teddy! XD
Sayang sayang~

Flora's & mine.
 Mine is the toe toe with stripes! Hahaha!

In the next morning,breakfast in the basement again...

Coffee,I am not fancying it though,I had no choice.

Healthy breakfast!

Jammy for bread.

You make me smile like a sun :)

This poor strawberry was too cold until 脸青唇 *the strawberry's turning white* hahaha! XD

On the way back to KL after breakfast...
Byebye Cameron!
Will miss you!! *hugs*

Mi-2's sandal & my boots!

Look what I've bought,2 pairs of ear rings! 
Love them much ^^

That's my trip to Cameron,what do you think? Hmm,it is not encouraged to go to Cameron on January because it's really free king COLD! Go there if you dare :D Oh my,I think I'VE UPLOADED 100 OVER PICTURES so please praise my patience,HAHAHAHA! XD Just kidding ;P Okay,shall see you all again soon. Ciao.



  1. u can make an online album on ur trip! :)

    like how i did for my korea trip.. ;)

  2. Strawberries, scones, apple pie, chocolate melt!! oh noooooo~~~ i wan eat!!!

  3. Cameron highlands... land of strawberries, tea and steamboats lol

  4. Lailai: hahah! Fly to KL then :P
    Humble Servant: Strawberries & tea = famous in Cameron.

  5. That round seafood thingy looks so scary! =[ I'd be afraid to eat it if I were you.

    Btw, I used to think that cameron highlands was the coldest place on earth, or at least in M'sia. Until I started studying overseas. =[[[ The key is to DRESS in layers. Trust me! WIth the right type of clothing, any weather is BEARABLE.

    Lovely pics btw. I love Cameron Highlands!

  6. long time never been there.. my hometown just drive there 1 hour only..

  7. it's quite cloudy and cooling even in KL these days.. in genting and cameron sure colder.. nice place to be nevertheless :)

  8. RS: hahah! I know,I am going to UK soon and i am afraid of the weather =.=
    Cloudy: O.o wow,u live in Raub?

  9. I LOVE YOUR RED COAT! =D so nice!! Hehehehe! And why all your food look so nice? I wanna makan hehe

  10. loll soo many pictures XD i kinda like ur red apple hackei lol

  11. love the egg
    love the strawberry
    love the flowers
    love the cactus


  12. I too love the cool weather in Cameron Highlands, and have been there for the 3rd time too end of last year!

  13. pretty scene and pretty you ! =)

  14. never been there.. next honeymoon maybe i'll bring my wife there.. looks still nice there.. great!

  15. Lilian: Thx dear! Hahah I look plump in it though XD Next time go Cameron when ur here in Malaysia! :D
    Shah: Thank u ^^
    Jam: Hahah,it was freezy~~~
    Mich: Aligatok ;P
    Aibaks: Hahah,it's quite a nice place for honeymoon but too cold XD

  16. Nice shots! And your bunny ear hair band is cute :)

  17. haha.. i dont think that is snow.. but i think it is more like a thick mist.. but great pics especially on food.. the steamboat and strawberry definitely looks tempting

  18. Tikky: lol,I was just using 'snow' to describe how cold the weather there is,hah! XD

  19. hahahaa.. really alot photos in a post!
    so, is good time to travel around wat...
    so, now u are waiting result, izzit?
    nice to meet you lah!

  20. Woww!, nice to go traveling. You do not want to invite me to one? hehehe.
    Hati-hati dengan mesej promosi ini

  21. ed: Hahah,nice to meet u too ^^
    Feyus: Hahah it's better to travel with ur gf XD

  22. Wow, long post!!

    I go there twice a year leh.. Haha!! Will be going this Feb I think, if there's still hv hotel. XD

    Love Teh Boh view.. nice place to snap pictures.

  23. Wow,go there eat fresh vege! So healthy! XD Have a nice trip oh ^^

  24. starving after looking that egg yummy delicious =)

  25. you don't look stupid, u look beautiful.. and i am sure you know that :)
    btw, lovely earrings!!

  26. Cameran Highlands seem better then I thought~!

  27. nice pic..nice story..i've enjoyed ;)