Monday, January 24, 2011

I pass my driving test?!

I had my driving test yesterday &...I PASS!!! 

Should I :D or D: ?

'Congratulations' or 'Cheh~'?

Frankly speaking,I did not pass my driving test. My on the road was 'quite okay',I almost failed when I was on the slope at the T-junction which it is the exit & entrance of the nation drive place. I was very nervous & I couldn't control my hands because I was super duper hyper extremely panic :X The stupid JPJ kept scolding me impatiently,blah blah blah. Shut up please,I need to concentrate but I can't because your annoying sound waves kept bothering me! Don't kacau me! After my car sei fo thrice,finally I managed to get over the junction successfully. Cheers! XD

I drove my car with a tortoise speed because I scared that I will over speed,but the JPJ kept 'ordering' me to speed up,speed up speed up... DUH! Shut up shut up shut up! can't you see that my whole body was shaking & triggering? Are you blind?! Or you have no heart? Just leave me driving alone okay?! Stop making me nervous,STOP!

Duh...sweat. After that,he did not stop asking me weirdo questions. You know what he asked me?

'eh,you ada boyfriend ke tak?'

I was like...O.O what? I made sure that my ears were free of ear sheath & I took a second to digest his question. Okay,he was asking me whether I am single or 'double'. Well of course I will say 'single' because I scared that he will ask me a lot of questions. My nightmare continues... He kept asking me why this why that,why I don't wanna get myself a boyfriend,I won't feel lonely meh that kind of thing. He said that if I do not neglect my studies,it will be alright. Then I said what if my parents knew it? He said 'alah,jangan beritahu mereke lah!'. OMG. Bad bad influence,LOL! 

Finally,I passed on the road test with 17 marks :D  But sadly,I fail the slope test. Actually the slope part wasn't my weakest & I can always made it right,but this time I couldn't,thanks to the stupid handbrake. I couldn't push the handbrake down & I had no idea why. I did everything right,the clutch & the peddle,everything was just perfect. After struggling for a moment,an uncle helped me to push the handbrake down but I wasn't prepared for that yet,then my car went down the slope. I FAILED! T.T

Guess what happened next. The JPJ asked me whether I wanna pass or not. Well,of course I wanna pass so I thought that he was going to gimme a second chance but NO. He asked me to contact my instructor. Actually he was talking about 'guarantee'. Because of this,I had to pay them 350bucks which I can get a lot of clothes with that amount of money! 

Anyway,I am considered as pass now,I can get my P license in a few days time. I feel bad,my parents have to pay the money for me :( 

Okay,that's all for now. Bye peeps.

'I shouldn't shed a tear but to laugh out loud'

Dear,I need a hug...



  1. Really? RM350 wor? =( anyway congratz on ur passing yea! =D Practice more babe! =P

  2. lol.. no worries, I failed slope as well last time.. Managed to pass on the 2nd attempt...

  3. aww.. but at least u passed right. congratulations :)

  4. RM100 will make everything right. It did for me!!!!! LOL

  5. Qiwen: But I bao de,so u r better dear!
    Cassy: Thx oh hahah :P
    Velarian: But mine 350bucks..T.T

  6. hahha like last time i took my test =p
    btw gratz ya~^^

  7. Steph ! it's okay , i failed my slope for two time , and at last i bao also , i bribe also . So yeah , no worries kay ! Now u practice more can dy . Practice makes perfect ! You can 1 . U just nervous during the test ! U sure can do it ! Practice more ! =D

  8. Jayren: Thx for ur support! I need a car then,hahah :P

  9. congrats. I've yet to even start my driving lessons! I probably should get started... but I'm kind of lazy. =/

  10. Congratz steph!! ^^ last time the jpj person also keep asking me to speed up.. its disturbing when stranger asks those questions like that.. ><

  11. congratulations on getting your license but i dislike the JPJ Officer as he asked for bribe. He should have given you a second chance. That should be the way.

  12. it's okay all to experience. practice with someone shouting so on the real day no prob? ^^

  13. Lailai: Cheh,I have no car lo... :'(
    RS: Hahah,get started! It's fun actually :D Thx ^^
    Casley: Thankiew! Yeap agreed!
    Shah: Thx :)
    Timmy: Yea,they are money suckers hmph. Thx nway ^^

  14. owh really? congrate iyer..

    hei did u like peterpan? hi3 enjoy n have fun iyer..

  15. Omg, thats hilarious! Anyways your parents can pay for you, not bad edi. Congrats babe, practise more ;)

  16. Uchi: My kakak told me about them before,so i know them :)
    Yeeing: Thx sista! <3 <3 <3

  17. Ouch that's sad to here.... i thought we ever discussed on innit on how to persuade him to let you pass? haha yea slope is pretty damn hard

  18. Sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that. The JPJ shouldn’t have acted like that and asked odd questions that were not related to the driving test. Anyway, just look on the bright side of things: you passed and got the P license. Well, it’s still better than getting the L license, right?

    @Marvis Carswell