Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Cinderella Story

This is another real life Cinderella story.
'Cinderella story the third'.

 LOL just kidding ( my prince is more handsome & charming ). Alright,I have been to work yesterday,as a 'maid'. My job was to get my uncle's house's cleaning job done.Imagine this. I had never done any household chores ( I did,maybe 2 or 3 days a year,unless there's a miracle ),I don't cook,I don't do my laundry,I don't wash dishes,I don't mop the floor,I don't... What I do then? Getting my blanket folded ( which I hate it ) & tidy up my closet + dressing table ( my fav lol ). I am a bad bad Cinderella ;P

So,daddy fetched me so his house early in the morning. Actually the uncle I mentioned is my mum's cousin sister's dad,I called him 舅公. We seldom meet,only once a year during CNY. But this year is different,we will meet twice,yesterday plus CNY :) He is kinda,egoistic. But he is an educated person,he studied a lot until he was honorific a doctor. Even now,he is still teaching students about Chinese medicine although he is already aged 70++. I prefer talking to my 舅母,she is nicer heh. I started working at the time I stepped into the house. It is an old house which they have lived in for a long time. Aunt asked me to change my clothes & this is how it looked like...

Yellow big tee + floral pants + oldie slippers.
A bit like 山姑 lol.

Disaster begins.

First,I wiped the dust covering their wardrobes,racks,photo frames,doors & windows. I even climbed up the stairs to wipe the fans & light bulbs! Stairs! How challenging O.O Not forget to take some snapshots blek :P

This is only one small part of the window,racks,wardrobes,photo frames. Oh,I even wiped those trophies. 

The gate,I wiped everything,tiring =.=

Aunt said the old old houses were all ventilated.
For example,their kitchen.

Shhh,they didn't see this.

One pail of clean water,one pail of dirty water.
Cannot differentiate? The blue one is the dirty one.

Aunt asked me to wipe the 'turtle' but I refused,because it is a real one but a dead specimen!

The living room,it was kinda messy.

A part of my uncle's study room.
I had to climb up to clean the top part... T.T

I saw this thing,I bet it is a 70-ties 80-ties kind of treatment machine.

The toilet. The windows were so dusty yet my nose is sensitive towards dust...

Nah,dusty nasty cloth.

Spot the stairs & the fan?
Yeap,I climbed up the stairs & wiped the fan.
That was the third fan btw =.=
Oh,can you see the boxes behind? I sort of rearranged everything from top to bottom...

Spot the fan & other 2 lamps?
Again,I climbed up & got every single inch of them wiped =.=

I had been working & cleaning for 5 & a half hours,finally,I got to rest during lunch time at 1...
*call me a superwoman! XD*

The kitchen. I cleaned the wall,the stove,the sinks,& everything!
I am afraid of oily stuffs but I still did it.
A cheer for myself! XD

The last thing I have done was to sweep the floor & wipe it. Whoa,it was super duper hyper extremely exhausting!


I was paid,I even got paid extra ^^ Thanks to my aunt,she treated me so well,we talked a lot when I was taking a rest & she even treated me with kimchi :D Although it was a tiring day,but I do enjoyed it,it is a great experience for me :)

Lesson learnt:
I will never become a housewife,never!


*Looking forward for tomorrow's lousang gathering!*
Can I wear pink?



  1. hahhaha ! wow ! superwoman ! geng ! claps to you ! =D

  2. house spring clean!!its really tiring. dont like em~

  3. You can be a good maid....LOLS!

  4. Jayren: Hahah,aligatok! XD
    chuen: lol,I am not XP
    teratai: Yeap,but no choice hahah ^^
    Glow: I don't wan ><

  5. omg, i wont touch the turtle too. =S

  6. You're srsly have a lot of time to clean while taking pictures here and there :P but it is really a lot of works! Good training to become a housewife HAHA

  7. wow!! you sure did a lot of cleanings there huh...gonna do mine soon

  8. Carmen: hahah,actually I touched 2 smaller ones because i didn't know that they were real! OMG
    Hilda: no no no im not going to become a housewife! >< heheh I curi tulang abit mah,shhh :P
    Joan: Luckily no body ache today,lol XD

  9. *claps * =) well done, girl !!!!!

  10. LOL. I will never be a housewife. LOL xD
    btw eeee. real dead turtle. O.O

  11. Kempen membersihkan rumah sambil mengambil gambar untuk projek moral :P

  12. Pris: Hahah,ur the 3rd person who commented abt the turtle XD
    Crazy: lol,no more moral projects for me la senior XD

  13. lol.. i tot u transform become the polar bear at the end... haha.. unbelieve that u know to do house cleaning.. xD

  14. this post is so cute, i'm not really good at cleaning too ;p love your slippers by the way

  15. Hocan: lol! Polar bear?? XD I only know simple simple things,hahah :D
    Qiwen: Thankiew ^^
    Amalia: Thx :P Those slippers belongs to my aunt! ^^

  16. 5 hours?! whoa! it takes me 2days just to clean my cupboard! great job babe!

  17. Haha sista! Shoo cute la you ! I hate housework too btw :o

  18. haha! u arr, taking photos while cleaning hse ar? =P

  19. Wow, u're great young lady!! Haha.. Claps to you too!! =]

    Wear pink wear pink, I might wear pink too. =P

  20. kesian lo~ come free massage for uu~XD

  21. Laila: It's 5 n a half hours babe. That was before lunch time,I had to continue working after that 5 and a half hour actually! XP
    Yeeing: aww sista~ Sign,I worked for money,no choice larh! XD
    Snowman: Yala,lol! :P
    Kahmon: Aww thankiew! X) heheh I am wearing pinky pink!
    Meowie: heheh u massage me later ah! FOC FOC! XD