Friday, January 21, 2011

A day out with Alien Tan!

As I've agreed to help Alien a.k.a Xue Ren Tan to design & make a banner for her school activity,we went to Mid Valley to search for materials yesterday. She's so punctual that she actually arrives at my house at 9am sharp :D Her dad dropped us at Kepong KTM station & we went there by toot toot train. Glad that there're now coach for female,feels more secure. When we reached Mid Valley,the shops were not opened yet because it's still early. It feels great walking in a waking up mall :) 

Spot the picture below? Before we look for the materials,we went to 'The Garden' because there was a big sale in Robinson. The sale is from 9am to 12pm. Look a the crowd O.O P.S. -- it was still early in the morning,imagine.

I was like an aunty too,hahahahaha! XD *blush*

Sedang makan punya Xue Ren.


After that,we went to MPH to look for materials but there was nothing suitable for us.

Teddy is  !

Whoops! Candid :P

I love my shoe 

Since we couldn't find of anything there,we went taking photos instead.

They are painting lion heads,how colourful & pretty ^^

The decos.
CNY feel ^^

Lion Queens!

We went to MNG to 'play with clothes' after that,my fav! 
I just love trying on clothes,take some snap shots then say byebye to them.
Try doing it some day,it's really fun! XD

That's Xue Ren in the RM179 dress.
Forgot to charge my phone so didn't took any pics of mine,sigh =.=

Xue Ren treated me lunch because I helped her in her banner :P We took our lunch in a newly opening restaurant -- Reminisce Cafe. The cafe is owned by my friend's sister,we met when we were taking photos in the center court & she present us with the newly opening cafe. Of course we went to 'bong can' her sister ^^

Xue Ren's nasi lemak.
Altho' she ate nasi LEMAK,but she has no LEMAK at all! Skinny babe!

My head.


My Horlick,my fav

Her Fila with my flat.

My noodle.

We shopped a lot? Hell no! XD 

Choo Choo + Tan Tan 


Got back home at 2.45pm after buying materials in a bookshop nearby. 

Tadah~ These are the materials & ingredients needed. Her job is to make a 'LOL' banner for a charity event in her college,KDU.

*tic tok tic tok*




Do you know what it is? It's a crown,but my brother said that it looks like a clown hat.

Our blinky LOL.

Clown? Crown.

Our finished product,what do you think?
Heheh it's not that perfect,but I do did my best to help her ><
Hopefully she & her friends will like it.

Xue Ren Tan,as I've promised ;)



  1. ahhh, i wanna join u girls for outing too.
    btw, i love the teddy!

  2. wow wow ! i just went to Reminisce cae to eat on wednesday also ! haha . seems like you two have a lot of fun ! =D U stay at kepong ah ? haha

  3. It looked like a clown hat to me too :P You indeed have creativeness in yr blood, well done on the banner!

  4. Ooo! Ur shoes are nice :D hope next time i can join u guys as well :D

  5. Hilda: thankiew darling! :D
    Mknace: Thx for singgah-ing ^^

  6. Awwww! i love ur photos! =) so niceee! and thanks for u LOL! don't worry, its NICE for me k? Loveee! =)

  7. gosh, you're younger than me but your fashion sense is so much cooler! =D

  8. i love your shoes too! sweet =)

  9. Ronald: yeap :)
    Yeeing: let's join us next time,ask Lilian along! :D
    Snowman: Hahah,thankiew dear! That's the pic u wan,I have edited for ya.
    Kally: thx! :D

  10. have a ribbon on top of your head! haha. nice outing and pics =)

  11. awwwwww! so nice! D: next time i want follow also. xD haha. wait i go KL laa :P

  12. Pris: Hahah,welcome dear ^^ Fly here and we go shopping all together :P
    Meowie: Come come! Girls outing :D Find one person to plan an outing ^^

  13. i like ur outfit.its cute.the denim dress looks nice on u eh XD