Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy CNY 2012


I was lazy to blog last week because I was busy eating and eating and eating! LOLOL cham,have to start keeping fit now :'( So now,I am back to my blogging world. Well,how's your CNY doing? :P Did you get a lot of angpows or busy giving out angpows?

I had a good CNY,it was all about food,angpow and enjoyment. I had lotza assignments to do during that week,so I was kind of worried when I was out visiting people D: 7 weeks for a semester is not enough!!! .><.

Imma gonna talk about my CNY now :)
My family had steamboat on CNY eve. First time having something special like steamboat. We normally have meat,fish and all that but mum has decided to do something different this year ^^

Mum spent a lot on these D:
Pity her purse hahaha.

I love steamboat dumplings! Awesome! XD

Yes I am not a kid anymore but I can't deny my love towards those cute little pandas D:
Actually... I was the one who requested for the pandas,hahaha! XD

As usual,we had vegetarian on 年初一. My relatives all said that my family's vegetarian meal is the best,they love and enjoy my mum's cooking :) Too bad I don't know how to cook,I don't have interest in it as well,too bad :(

Varieties of 斋菜!

My family and I started visiting on 年初二. We had an agreement to all dress in red on 年初二.
Hohoho,I love my brilliant red dress xoxoxo <3

Ang ang from top to bottom!
Huat ah! XD

Meet my 'little' kakak. She is so small in size! XD

My brothers and I. All in RED!
How I wish I have elder brothers :/
Yes,they are both my younger brothers.


Brother Andrew with his angpows.
Happy face = angpows,lol

Wishing you all the best in this water dragon year!
Huat huat huat and stay healthy!

Brother Anthony.
Study lah you,don't play play D:

We had lousang on 初二 night at grandma's house. My second lousang after the first in blogger's gathering :P

Very pretty! 
Love eating lousang because they are so crispy!
Wishing all of you 越捞越升!

'Meaty' day LOL :P
My grandma's cooking is yummy!

My family and I went visiting also on 初三 初四,actually we went visiting everyday lol :P

On 初四,Kalyela,Chandria,roti canai and me muruku went visiting to each other's house. If you have no idea who Kalyela,Chandria and roti canai is,please view my pre-pre-previous post to get the answers revealed XD

Outfit of the day.
Do I look fierce? RAWR~

Chandria and roti canai! XD
What's with the superman pose? LOL

Spot roti canai aka Brandy behind,sampat po hahaha :D

Roti canai with her fav pose again.

Muruku,roti canai,Kalyela.
Clear with the name introduction?
We have very special names,I know,hahaha! XD

On 初五,me went visiting with my fellow friends around my housing area. Long time never see them! Miss the time being with all of you in school D:

Took this in my house.
Photographer : my dad.
Spot something cute? YES,there's a small puppy in my lappie! XD
It's my boyfriend's poodle,he was out travelling for a few days so I took charge in taking care of her :)

Mimi,I miss you already :'(

Mimi is so cute!
Look,she smiled! Aww... XD

Had my third lousang on 年初六.
My parents invited my boyfriend along for the dinner and he got to meet my relatives.
He was so nervous and paiseh,so do I ><

Firework,so beautiful!
Dad's shot.

Wishing everyone a prosper and happy water dragon year ahead!
That goes my CNY,how's yours? :)

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2nd Bloggers Lousang Gathering

Hi peeps,I am back :) I have attended the second lousang gathering with other lovely bloggers on last Friday night. It was held in 'Uncle Prawn' in Sunway Giza. Miss Iris came to fetch me around 7.30pm,thanks alot Iris! :*

We were a lil bit late because we couldn't find a parking,heh :P When we got up to the restaurant,I was like 'wow,there's so many people,paiseh! ><' At that moment,I was just thinking of food because I was starving from home T.T I straight away make my order when I see the menu,lol :P

At first,I was feeling quite anti-social because it's been a long time I never see some blogger friends,and there're many new faces,felt so paiseh -><- 

I have waited for this for soooooooo long D:
It's xo fried rice,Melissa and I ordered the same thing :)
People who ordered rice in my table couldn't finish the rice,all of us.
Finally Benjamin Foo,the bro finished mostly everything for us,LOL.
Thanks bro XD

Ehem,after eating,I felt energetic again and started to socialize with other Bloggers. Bendan said I was kinda anti-social in the beginning and I don't know why >< Anyway,I am glad to meet you guys there,hello I am Stephanie,nice to meet you and keep in touch! :D

Bendan and I talking about our chins.
She looked so cute and small in this pic,aww so cute! XD

Me,Sherrie and Bendan.
Nice meeting you Sherrie! Welcome to KL! :P

Vicky and I.

Li Chuen and I.
We have never seen each other for 1 year! :P

Jfook and I.
Nice to meet you too!

Ryan and Jfook.
好兄弟 LOL

Kian Fai and I.
Never seen you for one year also!

Met this new friends there also ^^

Fun shots,buahaha :P

Henry and I.

Jfook is so happy ah,hahaha XD
Meet Sherlyn and Genie :)

Pretty girls gang!
Phewwit! XD
From left: me, Sherlyn, Yeeing, Genie, Chutipond.
We're so colourful!

Genie is so tiny! XD


Benjamin Foo and I.

After that,we went for after party in Herris. It was my first time going Herris. It was crowded D:

I have ordered a cup of ice Horlick and that's all. I love Horlick :P

Before we leave,I took this pic with Nana,Iris and Joel.
Nice meeting all of you again! :D

Look at how long the connection of tables is O.O
Hahaha,the longest connection ever in Herris I bet :P

Nice to meet all of you! I wish we all can meet in another gathering again next time! Must remember me and my name oh,I am miss Stephanie! XD

CNY is coming,have you done with your shopping? :P

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Murni Cafe

Last night,my boyfriend and I went to Murni Cafe for supper. Since he has finished his exam,so I wanted to treat him something,lol. He suggested this cafe because there's a lot of food choices according to him.

There're a few branches which are in SS2,Aman Suria,USJ 9,Kepong and Dataran Mentari. Since we live in Kepong,so we went to the Kepong branch. If you wanna know the location,it is nearby Carefour and dessert gogo,and it's opposite Petronas petrol station,very easy to find :)

Here's the menu.

They have variety choices of food from Indian to Western food.
Look at the wide choices of naan, naan cheese, naan raisins, naan double cheese, naan garlic cheese, naan mozarella cheese ( I really wanted to eat this!! ),naan triple cheese, naan mozarella cheese ham bacon and naan bombay. Very special right? :P
TOO BAD they are only available at SS2 and Dataran Mentari branches :'(

They have varieties of rotis too!
Roti ayam, roti daging, roti hawaii, roti scrambled, roti beckham, roti salad tuna and roti seafood.
I bet you will headache when you are choosing one of them! 
It's like you wanna try out everything! XD

They have special names for their drinks too.
From 'I love you', 'I miss you', 'I kiss you', 'poison', 'lavender special', 'sweety special', 'fruits cocktail', 'fair lady', 'don't worry' to 'be happy'. 
I laughed when I saw all these,hahaha!!! XD
So creative and funny eh!

I have ordered 'I miss you', whereas he has ordered 'fair lady'.
Each RM5.

Look at the longansss :P

Tadah~~ Guess what this is!
This is ---
I know right,it is so special!
It has tuna,bacon and eggs inside,yumyumyum :D :D

The inside of roti,hohoho. 
The taste is not bad,if you like to eat tuna,you can try this out ;)

I wanna try out other rotis and naans and other nice food next time! I wanna eat naan in SS2 D: Cheese naan.....slurp! .><.

If you wanna meet up or yumcha with your friends,consider 'Murni cafe' :)

Gonna meet up with bloggers tonight,yay :P

au revoir,
Stephanie C.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lovely Saturday with the ladies

Last Saturday,my sisters Kalye and Brandy and I went to The Curve for a ladies day out. It was a last minute decision :P We have not hang out together for a long time,miss em so so much! >< At first,we wanted to sing k,but it's very expensive so we've decide to watch movie... :'( I wanted to sing k desperately,I wanna release stress!

We reached Curve at around 11am,after that,we went to hunt for 'stuffs'. Guess what we have watched :X I was thinking to watch Jack and Jill,but I was dragged to watch 'The Awakening',wuwu... T.T It was the first time to watch horror movie,you know what? I have never watch any ghost movie before,it was my first time watching horror/ghost movie in cinema... .><.

Before lunch,we went to Ikea for a 'walk'. It was actually because of me...I haven't been to Ikea for at least 5 years! >O< Owh God,I miss the smell of Ikea and the wood so much,lol.

Tadah,look what we spotted!
Very cute soft toys!
The sawi is so cute!!
Sawi represents Brandy,muahaha XD

I don't know what I was holding,is that a strawberry or...
LOL,I seriously have no idea,but it is so cute and it has 4 legs! XD

Before the movie,we went to eat our lunch in 'Manhattan fish market'. Somehow,I prefer Fish and Co. because they serve cheesy fish and the price is cheaper!

Decorated table.


Pretty Kalye :P

This is what Brandy and I ordered.
Dori fish!

Look at her sampat face,hahaha!
Cute Brandy!

After that,we went for 'The Awakening'. You know what? I have only watched 30% of the movie,most of the time,I was covering my eyes with my hands =.= and I even shouted once or twice although I have covered my mouth... -.- I will not watch any horror movie anymore,no more! ><

Look at this lovely thing,it is green tea ice-cream.
It is selling outside a shop in front of Watson and it costs RM3. 
The texture of the ice-cream is not really soft,but I love it!
And the smell of green tea is awesome and rich! Lowitttt! <3

The ladies were enjoying their ice-cream :P

The outing was not ended yet. We went to DPC after ice-cream to meet up with another sampat queen -- Wen Ting aka Chandria.

While waiting for her arrival in 32F.
Yay,we found LOVE <3

We have ordered 2 bowls of ice.
Yogurt flavour + chocolate chips.

Passion fruit flavour + almond flakes,nice :D

Meet Wen Ting aka 'Crandria'.

Crandria and Muruku.
Thanks to roti canai aka Brandy for the unique name,lol.

They are still children,I was the only 'adult' yet I am the youngest among them... =.=

Do I look like a flower angel? :P

Different effect different feel.

3 pretty ladies,huha!

I love my hair tonsss <3


Love this pic,so nice! :P

Chandria Wen Ting.

2 sapos,hahaha!!! XD

We met this doggie,Sparkle. Her owner left here tied up there and went somewhere,pity Sparkle :'(

That was how I spend my lovely Saturday with the lovely ladies. Aww,I miss them much! Kalyela,Chandria and roti canai! XD Hopefully we can see each other more often,then we can sampat together,muahaha~

Love you girls lots <3

au revoir,
Stephanie aka muruku