Friday, January 13, 2012

Murni Cafe

Last night,my boyfriend and I went to Murni Cafe for supper. Since he has finished his exam,so I wanted to treat him something,lol. He suggested this cafe because there's a lot of food choices according to him.

There're a few branches which are in SS2,Aman Suria,USJ 9,Kepong and Dataran Mentari. Since we live in Kepong,so we went to the Kepong branch. If you wanna know the location,it is nearby Carefour and dessert gogo,and it's opposite Petronas petrol station,very easy to find :)

Here's the menu.

They have variety choices of food from Indian to Western food.
Look at the wide choices of naan, naan cheese, naan raisins, naan double cheese, naan garlic cheese, naan mozarella cheese ( I really wanted to eat this!! ),naan triple cheese, naan mozarella cheese ham bacon and naan bombay. Very special right? :P
TOO BAD they are only available at SS2 and Dataran Mentari branches :'(

They have varieties of rotis too!
Roti ayam, roti daging, roti hawaii, roti scrambled, roti beckham, roti salad tuna and roti seafood.
I bet you will headache when you are choosing one of them! 
It's like you wanna try out everything! XD

They have special names for their drinks too.
From 'I love you', 'I miss you', 'I kiss you', 'poison', 'lavender special', 'sweety special', 'fruits cocktail', 'fair lady', 'don't worry' to 'be happy'. 
I laughed when I saw all these,hahaha!!! XD
So creative and funny eh!

I have ordered 'I miss you', whereas he has ordered 'fair lady'.
Each RM5.

Look at the longansss :P

Tadah~~ Guess what this is!
This is ---
I know right,it is so special!
It has tuna,bacon and eggs inside,yumyumyum :D :D

The inside of roti,hohoho. 
The taste is not bad,if you like to eat tuna,you can try this out ;)

I wanna try out other rotis and naans and other nice food next time! I wanna eat naan in SS2 D: Cheese naan.....slurp! .><.

If you wanna meet up or yumcha with your friends,consider 'Murni cafe' :)

Gonna meet up with bloggers tonight,yay :P

au revoir,
Stephanie C.


  1. whoots! murni! i always went to the one in ss2! but been some time already since the last i visit. not that healthy to eat roti as supper afterall. =p

  2. ermm may i know why i miss you and fair lady looks very alike?

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  3. See you tonight! :P

    anyways Murni is improve as much as possible XD

  4. Hahaha... the "I miss You" looks similar to the "Fair lady", izit the same drink with different names? Hahaha..