Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lovely Saturday with the ladies

Last Saturday,my sisters Kalye and Brandy and I went to The Curve for a ladies day out. It was a last minute decision :P We have not hang out together for a long time,miss em so so much! >< At first,we wanted to sing k,but it's very expensive so we've decide to watch movie... :'( I wanted to sing k desperately,I wanna release stress!

We reached Curve at around 11am,after that,we went to hunt for 'stuffs'. Guess what we have watched :X I was thinking to watch Jack and Jill,but I was dragged to watch 'The Awakening',wuwu... T.T It was the first time to watch horror movie,you know what? I have never watch any ghost movie before,it was my first time watching horror/ghost movie in cinema... .><.

Before lunch,we went to Ikea for a 'walk'. It was actually because of me...I haven't been to Ikea for at least 5 years! >O< Owh God,I miss the smell of Ikea and the wood so much,lol.

Tadah,look what we spotted!
Very cute soft toys!
The sawi is so cute!!
Sawi represents Brandy,muahaha XD

I don't know what I was holding,is that a strawberry or...
LOL,I seriously have no idea,but it is so cute and it has 4 legs! XD

Before the movie,we went to eat our lunch in 'Manhattan fish market'. Somehow,I prefer Fish and Co. because they serve cheesy fish and the price is cheaper!

Decorated table.


Pretty Kalye :P

This is what Brandy and I ordered.
Dori fish!

Look at her sampat face,hahaha!
Cute Brandy!

After that,we went for 'The Awakening'. You know what? I have only watched 30% of the movie,most of the time,I was covering my eyes with my hands =.= and I even shouted once or twice although I have covered my mouth... -.- I will not watch any horror movie anymore,no more! ><

Look at this lovely thing,it is green tea ice-cream.
It is selling outside a shop in front of Watson and it costs RM3. 
The texture of the ice-cream is not really soft,but I love it!
And the smell of green tea is awesome and rich! Lowitttt! <3

The ladies were enjoying their ice-cream :P

The outing was not ended yet. We went to DPC after ice-cream to meet up with another sampat queen -- Wen Ting aka Chandria.

While waiting for her arrival in 32F.
Yay,we found LOVE <3

We have ordered 2 bowls of ice.
Yogurt flavour + chocolate chips.

Passion fruit flavour + almond flakes,nice :D

Meet Wen Ting aka 'Crandria'.

Crandria and Muruku.
Thanks to roti canai aka Brandy for the unique name,lol.

They are still children,I was the only 'adult' yet I am the youngest among them... =.=

Do I look like a flower angel? :P

Different effect different feel.

3 pretty ladies,huha!

I love my hair tonsss <3


Love this pic,so nice! :P

Chandria Wen Ting.

2 sapos,hahaha!!! XD

We met this doggie,Sparkle. Her owner left here tied up there and went somewhere,pity Sparkle :'(

That was how I spend my lovely Saturday with the lovely ladies. Aww,I miss them much! Kalyela,Chandria and roti canai! XD Hopefully we can see each other more often,then we can sampat together,muahaha~

Love you girls lots <3

au revoir,
Stephanie aka muruku


  1. i like the fish at The Manhattan Fish Market! It's a shame they closed down the outlet in 1Borneo.

  2. awesome day out with your friends huh?^^

  3. Love your pic with the floral hair piece. Very Greek!

  4. wow, nice photos..indeed its fun to hangout with ur friends..looking forward to read ur pass stories here ;)