Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy CNY 2012


I was lazy to blog last week because I was busy eating and eating and eating! LOLOL cham,have to start keeping fit now :'( So now,I am back to my blogging world. Well,how's your CNY doing? :P Did you get a lot of angpows or busy giving out angpows?

I had a good CNY,it was all about food,angpow and enjoyment. I had lotza assignments to do during that week,so I was kind of worried when I was out visiting people D: 7 weeks for a semester is not enough!!! .><.

Imma gonna talk about my CNY now :)
My family had steamboat on CNY eve. First time having something special like steamboat. We normally have meat,fish and all that but mum has decided to do something different this year ^^

Mum spent a lot on these D:
Pity her purse hahaha.

I love steamboat dumplings! Awesome! XD

Yes I am not a kid anymore but I can't deny my love towards those cute little pandas D:
Actually... I was the one who requested for the pandas,hahaha! XD

As usual,we had vegetarian on 年初一. My relatives all said that my family's vegetarian meal is the best,they love and enjoy my mum's cooking :) Too bad I don't know how to cook,I don't have interest in it as well,too bad :(

Varieties of 斋菜!

My family and I started visiting on 年初二. We had an agreement to all dress in red on 年初二.
Hohoho,I love my brilliant red dress xoxoxo <3

Ang ang from top to bottom!
Huat ah! XD

Meet my 'little' kakak. She is so small in size! XD

My brothers and I. All in RED!
How I wish I have elder brothers :/
Yes,they are both my younger brothers.


Brother Andrew with his angpows.
Happy face = angpows,lol

Wishing you all the best in this water dragon year!
Huat huat huat and stay healthy!

Brother Anthony.
Study lah you,don't play play D:

We had lousang on 初二 night at grandma's house. My second lousang after the first in blogger's gathering :P

Very pretty! 
Love eating lousang because they are so crispy!
Wishing all of you 越捞越升!

'Meaty' day LOL :P
My grandma's cooking is yummy!

My family and I went visiting also on 初三 初四,actually we went visiting everyday lol :P

On 初四,Kalyela,Chandria,roti canai and me muruku went visiting to each other's house. If you have no idea who Kalyela,Chandria and roti canai is,please view my pre-pre-previous post to get the answers revealed XD

Outfit of the day.
Do I look fierce? RAWR~

Chandria and roti canai! XD
What's with the superman pose? LOL

Spot roti canai aka Brandy behind,sampat po hahaha :D

Roti canai with her fav pose again.

Muruku,roti canai,Kalyela.
Clear with the name introduction?
We have very special names,I know,hahaha! XD

On 初五,me went visiting with my fellow friends around my housing area. Long time never see them! Miss the time being with all of you in school D:

Took this in my house.
Photographer : my dad.
Spot something cute? YES,there's a small puppy in my lappie! XD
It's my boyfriend's poodle,he was out travelling for a few days so I took charge in taking care of her :)

Mimi,I miss you already :'(

Mimi is so cute!
Look,she smiled! Aww... XD

Had my third lousang on 年初六.
My parents invited my boyfriend along for the dinner and he got to meet my relatives.
He was so nervous and paiseh,so do I ><

Firework,so beautiful!
Dad's shot.

Wishing everyone a prosper and happy water dragon year ahead!
That goes my CNY,how's yours? :)

au revoir,
Stephanie C.


  1. I love your outfit and your brothers looks like twins?

  2. I love your red dress! :P Looks so hot, where did you get it from? (:

  3. steph looks so pretty in every pic! <3

  4. gong hei fatt choy! that looked like a very joyous new year spent with friends and relatives. awesome!

  5. wow! hot hot hot nia! red dress is love! :D

  6. Woww red and hot !! haha ~

    Happy Chinese New Year !! HUAT ahhh !! =D