Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2nd Bloggers Lousang Gathering

Hi peeps,I am back :) I have attended the second lousang gathering with other lovely bloggers on last Friday night. It was held in 'Uncle Prawn' in Sunway Giza. Miss Iris came to fetch me around 7.30pm,thanks alot Iris! :*

We were a lil bit late because we couldn't find a parking,heh :P When we got up to the restaurant,I was like 'wow,there's so many people,paiseh! ><' At that moment,I was just thinking of food because I was starving from home T.T I straight away make my order when I see the menu,lol :P

At first,I was feeling quite anti-social because it's been a long time I never see some blogger friends,and there're many new faces,felt so paiseh -><- 

I have waited for this for soooooooo long D:
It's xo fried rice,Melissa and I ordered the same thing :)
People who ordered rice in my table couldn't finish the rice,all of us.
Finally Benjamin Foo,the bro finished mostly everything for us,LOL.
Thanks bro XD

Ehem,after eating,I felt energetic again and started to socialize with other Bloggers. Bendan said I was kinda anti-social in the beginning and I don't know why >< Anyway,I am glad to meet you guys there,hello I am Stephanie,nice to meet you and keep in touch! :D

Bendan and I talking about our chins.
She looked so cute and small in this pic,aww so cute! XD

Me,Sherrie and Bendan.
Nice meeting you Sherrie! Welcome to KL! :P

Vicky and I.

Li Chuen and I.
We have never seen each other for 1 year! :P

Jfook and I.
Nice to meet you too!

Ryan and Jfook.
好兄弟 LOL

Kian Fai and I.
Never seen you for one year also!

Met this new friends there also ^^

Fun shots,buahaha :P

Henry and I.

Jfook is so happy ah,hahaha XD
Meet Sherlyn and Genie :)

Pretty girls gang!
Phewwit! XD
From left: me, Sherlyn, Yeeing, Genie, Chutipond.
We're so colourful!

Genie is so tiny! XD


Benjamin Foo and I.

After that,we went for after party in Herris. It was my first time going Herris. It was crowded D:

I have ordered a cup of ice Horlick and that's all. I love Horlick :P

Before we leave,I took this pic with Nana,Iris and Joel.
Nice meeting all of you again! :D

Look at how long the connection of tables is O.O
Hahaha,the longest connection ever in Herris I bet :P

Nice to meet all of you! I wish we all can meet in another gathering again next time! Must remember me and my name oh,I am miss Stephanie! XD

CNY is coming,have you done with your shopping? :P

au revoir,
Stephanie C.


  1. aha! i should have go there to teman u eh? =P then we can camwhore with other bloggers, MORE ACTIVE!! =P

  2. Best lar u got the chance to gather with other bloggers. You looks beautiful is all the photo.. Photogenic gal :D

  3. Awesome post!! yeah it's always abit awkward when you meet new people but when you get to know one another..thats when you click in =)

  4. Nice to meet you too! XD
    I look so pretty thru ur camera XD
    Cutebun FB
    Cutebun Twitter

  5. Miss Step is so hawtt!! pheewwit! >.< xDD

  6. ee I jealous liao. you people get to meet up all the time :( i would love to meet you guys some day :((

  7. xD woah kianfai is so big!

  8. My first visit, omgosh you blog is so dreamy. naise ~ :]