Thursday, January 5, 2012

MOF -- Japanese cafe

Last Saturday which was the last day of 2011,my aunt brought my cousins and I to Sunway Pyramid for shopping session. I just love to do shopping in Pyramid because there're many choices,you can shop until you become mad and crazy! XD Finally,I have found myself a perfect pair of flats,LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH :O

For lunch,we have decided to eat Japanese food. Have you heard of MOF? It is a typical Japanese restaurant. It has all kinds of Japanese food like sushi,bento,Japanese dessert,noodles,dumplings and etc. They have Japanese curry too :)

Mon - Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm
MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee
General Information
We specialise in japanese desserts, coffee, pastas and sandwiches. Ingredients are fully imported from Japan. We also serve sushis and bentos.

There's a special promotion every weekend. Certain bentos and noodles have special price + salad and green tea for free. Their desserts look very tasty too,according to them,the desserts are very healthy :)

My aunt's curry spaghetti and salad.
The curry smell is very heavy :O
- RM9.90 if I am not mistaken

My cousin Mi-2's seaweed tomato spaghetti.
Look at the seaweed mountain O.O
- RM12.90

My cousin's curry chicken bento. The curry dory bento and curry chicken bento look the same actually,hahaha :D
- RM18.90

My BBQ chicken bento.
- RM16.90

Besides,we have ordered salmon sushi and crab stick sushi as well. 
The sushis weren't bad ^^

My family seldom eat Japanese food because my mum doesn't like raw food and seafood. I was so lucky that day because I get to eat Japanese food,hahaha! Wish to have Korean food with my cousins next time,okay? :P

That's all for now. The weather is very hot these days,remember to drink more water and take care ^^ 

Au revoir,


  1. u so lucky can eat Japanese food with family! :)

  2. not bad, this makes me abit hungry, anyways thx for the info. but still I think the food is not very yummy for me but it makes me hungry lol :P

  3. that spaghetti with seaweed look very tempting! Nicely pictured too

  4. i love MOF too :) the ambiance is good as always

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