Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seafood restaurant -- Yin Her

Last weekend,my parent's friend brought all of us to have lunch in Yin Her Seafood Restaurant which is located in Sungai Buloh. The restaurant is located in a small Chinese village and it is quite difficult to be found >< According to them,the food is very nice,besides,there's something special about the restaurant because there is a fishing pond right beside the restaurant. If you choose to sit outside (without air-conditioner),you'll get to see how the people fishing by the pond. Anyway,I dislike it,it is so cruel to hurt the fishes... :(

The sky was so dim :X

The people were fishing by the pond.
I wonder if the pond is deep D: Scary!
I saw one uncle,he caught a catfish!
Pity the fish,it was struggling T.T

The people are also raising some kind of fishes in the same pond.

Here we come... Eating time! XD

They put some special kind of spices to make the smell and taste of the dish special.

Hulala,salted egg fried sotong!
I seldom eat sotong,but this sotong dish is so nice that I couldn't stop eating them D:

Yam + 东波肉.
Not bad ^^

I love steamboat 海鲜豆腐 more :P

This 柠檬鸡 is awesome!
I love the lemon sauce so much! :O

Don't know what fish,hahaha :D
The flesh is very soft,the sauce is not bad either :)

Tadah,they even served us with dessert,I never expected for that.
Barley with sagu :P

They have started to decorate the interior of the restaurant.
Gong xi gong xi,angpau mari mari! XD

The restaurant is very huge. If you live nearby Sungai Buloh,you may go try eating in Yin Her ^^ 

Urgh,class is going to start tomorrow,why time flies so fast? >o<
Good luck to myself! Take care people ^^

au revoir,
Stephanie C


  1. random drop by :D Blame the shoutbox can't function ._. I can't drop comment at there. LOL! BTW, FINALLY I know who you look like!!! KAHI!!! LOL!

  2. I assume the fishes come from the pond itself? Must be real fresh then!

  3. Never heard of salted egg fried sotong, must be good! :D

  4. i like the yam and meat, especially the fatty parts :P aww so fattening LOL

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