Friday, August 10, 2012

Friends forever

This post is dedicated to my beloved girlfriend,EMILY.

Emily Liew Chui Li. Form 1 or 2,that's when we first met,I can't remember exactly when. Oh,no. We've actually met when we were 10,in Kalye's birthday party. LOL. I must say that this girl has changed a lot from any aspects. Yes,your eyes are bigger now,hahaha!

This girl is going to US tomorrow for further studies. Washington will be her new home. We are really really great friends,we can be really sampat and siao cuz we are born to be one hahaha. I love and enjoy the moments when the sisters are all together. It's fun and we were always hyper-ed!

We went to DPC for a gathering on Wednesday night. Took photos after/when dinning together in Steamboat. Real sweet photos :')

Dumplings + noodle + tomyam soup.
*wonder why I am posting this*


Me and my girlfriend.

All grown up pose *flower*

Girls and one guy.
Carmen,Brandy,Eelyn,Xueren,me,Emily,Shan Hoe.
After a few shots,finally one perfect pic,hahaha!

I am cool. Bwahaha

Say what?!

Love love love this shot.

Carmen :' We own the tree!'

Desa gang.
SJK(C) Desa Jaya.

China gang.
*don't punch me hahaha!*

Kepong gang.
*why waste bags??? LOL*


Weren't ready. HAHAHA we all looked funny!! XD

The photographer joined in finally.
Bad bad photographer,only we know why :P

Another dude,Joel came after that.
2 dudes and 1 pretty.

To my dear dear pretty lady,

We will miss you,I will miss you,all of us will miss you. Sleepover again when you're back okay! No matter what,please do take care. Have fun learning in the States! Don't gain too much weight alright! HAHAHA. Enjoy the food,weather and culture there. Do send us some kisses from US if you miss us.

Take care my dear,love you forever & always


Monday, August 6, 2012

My first job

I am going to work for the first time in my life soon! XD Err actually it's not really my first time,I helped my previous tuition teacher to hand out fliers before. But that's not really...official? And this time,it's for real.

When I told my boyfriend that I am gonna work as a promoter,he was like 'are you serious?' lmao. What,your girlfriend can't work and earn some ka-ching ka-ching? I don't mind if you supply me money everyday,be my money sponsorship,wakaka :P

So I will be working as a promoter in Jusco Metro Prima. KOTEX. Hahaha. After our training,I realized that there're much types and things to know about...Kotex. Oh yeah,there's new stuff,flying pads,hahaha. Try em out girls.

Saw Miss Sharen's new post so I have decided to update my blog as well! Gambadeh in your work deary,we'll meet up one day when we have money! XD

I have no idea why I am posting this picture,lol.

Hopefully I will have a fun and great time working! Working not so soon but,real soon! *don't panic Steph*


Thank you

Dato Lee Chong Wei didn't win the final match. As expected,Mr.Lin threw his shirt again. I felt so sad when I saw Lee kneeling on the ground,with a disappointed face. He must be heart broken. He must be pressurized. All Malaysians were counting on him for our very first gold medal. No matter what,I must say,that was the best match I've ever watched *I seldom watch these lol* and it was real good! It took me so high and nervous! I wanna say... You will always be our champion,and thanks for working so hard for our country. Be strong,you are really great :)

LCW,we are proud of you!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ideas please?

Hey guys. My third anniversary's coming soon. And I have not much ideas for the celebration,sigh. Movies are normal but they seemed necessary,so it's listed down on my list. What about food? Chilli's is not a bad idea for dinner,we both like Chilli's. But I wanna/wish to try out something special. Any ideas for dessert or any other activities? What can we do in SUNWAY PYRAMID if that's where we're gonna celebrate our anniversary,besides skating and laser tag? I am gonna burst. That bad boy wants me to plan the celebration,real bad you real bad! 

My list :
- dinner at Chilli's,or ?
- skate
- movie
- lunch at ?


I would cook for him if I know how. I can't even grab the handle steadily nor break an egg nicely,it's proved that I am not born to cook HAHA.

Sunway Pyramid is just a suggestion of mine,since I have no idea where to go. Please do drop some suggestions here,a million thanks!