Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ideas please?

Hey guys. My third anniversary's coming soon. And I have not much ideas for the celebration,sigh. Movies are normal but they seemed necessary,so it's listed down on my list. What about food? Chilli's is not a bad idea for dinner,we both like Chilli's. But I wanna/wish to try out something special. Any ideas for dessert or any other activities? What can we do in SUNWAY PYRAMID if that's where we're gonna celebrate our anniversary,besides skating and laser tag? I am gonna burst. That bad boy wants me to plan the celebration,real bad you real bad! 

My list :
- dinner at Chilli's,or ?
- skate
- movie
- lunch at ?


I would cook for him if I know how. I can't even grab the handle steadily nor break an egg nicely,it's proved that I am not born to cook HAHA.

Sunway Pyramid is just a suggestion of mine,since I have no idea where to go. Please do drop some suggestions here,a million thanks!



  1. go bangsar, plenty of cafe with nice environment :) or even better, just cook at home and surprise him! good luck! xoxo

    Latest: BEST: Assam Hot Pot

  2. Do something you guys enjoy doing, and try something new (: Maybe can try other restaurant, or fine dining? :D I suck when it comes to planning too, I like surprises more HEHE

  3. spend a day in Sunway Lagoon? haha

  4. go publika... there's a lot of nice food to eat and lots of romantic restaurant u can choose :)

  5. if it's at sunway. The only possible place I could think of is TGIF or itallianes. Which I really think it's cute because both of you can share one food as the portion is quite big.

    As for the desserts, if you want a romantic kinda feel, Full house is a good suggestion. Can take lots of pretty pictures and you know, spend some time there.

    Im assume guys like a little surprise? So I think a DIY pressie would be really cool. But handed him at the very last minute before calling off a day would be great. It might ended up with new surprises from him i guess?

  6. aww! such a sweet gf there! hmm, sunway pyramid got nothing special to shop actually. except for the food i guess. hmm, why not u create a love song for him? :)