Friday, August 10, 2012

Friends forever

This post is dedicated to my beloved girlfriend,EMILY.

Emily Liew Chui Li. Form 1 or 2,that's when we first met,I can't remember exactly when. Oh,no. We've actually met when we were 10,in Kalye's birthday party. LOL. I must say that this girl has changed a lot from any aspects. Yes,your eyes are bigger now,hahaha!

This girl is going to US tomorrow for further studies. Washington will be her new home. We are really really great friends,we can be really sampat and siao cuz we are born to be one hahaha. I love and enjoy the moments when the sisters are all together. It's fun and we were always hyper-ed!

We went to DPC for a gathering on Wednesday night. Took photos after/when dinning together in Steamboat. Real sweet photos :')

Dumplings + noodle + tomyam soup.
*wonder why I am posting this*


Me and my girlfriend.

All grown up pose *flower*

Girls and one guy.
Carmen,Brandy,Eelyn,Xueren,me,Emily,Shan Hoe.
After a few shots,finally one perfect pic,hahaha!

I am cool. Bwahaha

Say what?!

Love love love this shot.

Carmen :' We own the tree!'

Desa gang.
SJK(C) Desa Jaya.

China gang.
*don't punch me hahaha!*

Kepong gang.
*why waste bags??? LOL*


Weren't ready. HAHAHA we all looked funny!! XD

The photographer joined in finally.
Bad bad photographer,only we know why :P

Another dude,Joel came after that.
2 dudes and 1 pretty.

To my dear dear pretty lady,

We will miss you,I will miss you,all of us will miss you. Sleepover again when you're back okay! No matter what,please do take care. Have fun learning in the States! Don't gain too much weight alright! HAHAHA. Enjoy the food,weather and culture there. Do send us some kisses from US if you miss us.

Take care my dear,love you forever & always



  1. awww! I will miss her terribly! =(

  2. awwww. secondary school friend always awesome

  3. awww. i guess u will miss her a lot then!