Monday, August 6, 2012

My first job

I am going to work for the first time in my life soon! XD Err actually it's not really my first time,I helped my previous tuition teacher to hand out fliers before. But that's not really...official? And this time,it's for real.

When I told my boyfriend that I am gonna work as a promoter,he was like 'are you serious?' lmao. What,your girlfriend can't work and earn some ka-ching ka-ching? I don't mind if you supply me money everyday,be my money sponsorship,wakaka :P

So I will be working as a promoter in Jusco Metro Prima. KOTEX. Hahaha. After our training,I realized that there're much types and things to know about...Kotex. Oh yeah,there's new stuff,flying pads,hahaha. Try em out girls.

Saw Miss Sharen's new post so I have decided to update my blog as well! Gambadeh in your work deary,we'll meet up one day when we have money! XD

I have no idea why I am posting this picture,lol.

Hopefully I will have a fun and great time working! Working not so soon but,real soon! *don't panic Steph*



  1. hehe! good luck for ur first time work k? we gambateh together! :D

  2. how long will your work be? well, enjoy and all the best! :D

  3. My sis works as kotex promoter as well also hahaha. And i got many free tissues from her hahahah

  4. promoter is good, can earn money fast :D

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