Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rainy Day

It has been raining for the morning and the evening.
It was raining when I woke up in the morning.
If there's no rain,my mummy and I should have been jogging and doing exercises in the Menjalara park.
I wanna sweat! A lot! I wanna burn my calories and fats! XO
Hopefully there's no rain tomorrow morning...
We -- the Choo famiy are going to join 'Terry Fox Run' tomorrow!
The run would be delayed if it is raining.
No...I wanna sweat,a lot. =.=
Since it was raining this morning,so mummy and I went to Tesco earlier for some needs...
And of course,I need my food. XD
So...we had spent about 2 hours there,choosing,picking and comparing.
I bought a little 'needs' only...
2 boxes of ice-cream (cookies n cream + Erm...forgotten...),junk food,my milk,6 yogurt,instant pasta (cheesy flavour)...and bla,I had forgotten already.
That's not satisfying me. ==
Anyway,I can't eat more,I have to maintain myself and my health,for me and for my sake.
I dabao KFC as my lunch after that.
Too bad...there's no more cheesy wedges left...TT sob.
Stupid KFC...
After putting and placing those 'needs' at home,once again,we went to Carefour for our 'needs' again.
We spent another 1 and a half hour at there.
I bought nothing there.
That's not cool. ==
I attended my art class straight away after leaving Carefour.
I was late. :p
And now,all my brothers are not at home,they are both attending their friend's party.
And for me,this is the best chance for me to online. ^^
Ding~ Pet society time.
Time to go,ciaoz. XD


Friday, October 30, 2009

You're like a ROCKET in ma mind ♪♥

You're like a rocket in my mind
That's waiting to define everything about me no one knew
And you stick like a poster on my wall
As if you dont wanna move

I got no money in my pocket
Nobody to rock with but you
But you know me I don't seem to roll
Somehow we managed to get through

People come and people go
And people gonna come some more
They pick a fight
But it's alright
At least I get to see you tonight

I can't believe we almost got famous for nothing baby
You came the last minute of --- to save me
I can't believe we almost got paid for nothing baby
Cause even if they go away
I got the feeling that you're gonna stay

It's like I'm picking up a miracle off the sidewalk
Like kitten in the box
Don't contemplate yourself, you say
Cause you're all you've got
I'm a --- and pathetic
At the same time unlike you
Baby you've got no move
And you think I'm good at what I do

People come and people go
And people gonna come some more
They pick a fight
But it's alright
At least I have you home tonight

I can't believe we almost got famous for nothing baby
You came the last minute of --- to save me
I can't believe we almost got paid for nothing baby
Cause even if they go away
I got the feeling that you're gonna stay

You're like a rocket in my mind
Waiting to define everything about me
You're like a poster on my wall
Sticking, don't wanna fall
As if you dont wanna move



Batik + Ceramic

Today,4A and 4B went to Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex.
Actually,the one day trip was organised for from 3 students as they had finished their PMR.
Anyway,most of them doesn't seem to show their interests so the teachers gave this opprtunity for we form 4ers' to have asmall trip there.
We reached to the destination after an hour at 9.
There was a traffic jam in between the morning as most of the people are going to work at that time.
Duh...we were stucked in the bus for an hour...
Luckily I sat in the bus with air-conditioner...
We fisrt visited to the Craft museum after we reached there.
There are many different wedding wears and accessories of different culture people will wear when they are going to marry,for example,Chinese,Malay,Indian,Minangkabau, Iban,Kandasan,Baba Nyonya and many many more.
There are only 2 floors in the museum.
After we visited the museum,we went to the canteen and took our lunch.
I ate a plate of 'a little bit of fried rice','a little bit of bihun',a piece of chicken and sambal sause and that cost me 3.50 bucks??
Wow,they are earning lotza money. ==
We took some photos fater we had done with our lunch at the garden outside the canteen.
Then,we headed to a small hall to make our batik and ceramic.
I chose a '2 people' conlay and drew the picture on a piece of cloth given by them.
My hands were shaking when I started to draw the lines of wax.
I continue to add on colour to the cloth after finishing drawing the wax lines according to the draw I drew.
Okay...something had happened...accidents...
Some of the wax lines I drew was not think enough,so the colour mixed together when I was colouring different colours on it.
Duh...the background of my Batik is black somemore...
I feel weird when seeing that 'masterpiece' of mine. ==
After that,I 'rushed' to start my ceramic thingy and duh...
Ziying,Yanting,laiyean,a form 3 girl (forgotten her name,oppsie...XD) and I were in the same group which was the very last group.
We were rushing like hell and keep on blaming that it's not fair cuz we were the last group who started the work.
My piece of work is like...everything I do are small in size,so I have to use more time to do more as they are small.
Erm...our group is a special on,too.
We were using 2 kinds of clay and we were the only group which are using 2 types of clays -- the yellow clay and the white clay.
When we were making our ceramics,there were many people who came to our table and asked about the different types and colours of our clay,more than 8,I think so. XD
I was the second last person who entered the bus,yeah,I think so.
I bought a bookmark at a store there,it's nice,and there's a piece of batik cloth inside.
They gave us a souvinir too.
It's a small don't know what 'box' and there were some sweet prums inside.
Hmm...I doens't like it very much.
Argh...I went back with the bus without air-conditioner. ==
Something had happened again when I reached back to school.
Puan Amutha was very mad,very very mad at me,Emily and those who were not practising Kush Kush.
Poor Shanae...I feel so bad cuz she had helped us to avoid from being scolded.
Thanks alot my dear Shanae...I am sorry...
Puan Amutha was going to kick us put??
Hmm...I don't think so.
We,have been practising it for months,and the positions for all dancers were fixed and being comfirmed.
So...I don't think that she will kick us out and find someonelse to learn and practise the dance in a short time...
Hopffully she's not mad now...
I wanna dance. :(
After that...(skip)
Hahah,I feel so happy when I was attending my tuition class.
I was laughing non stop for zero reason. ==
I can laugh very long for a small thing.
Besides~ Mr.Kent is going to treat us a meal of KFC on 20th of November! XDDD
KFC!!!!! I told him that I want 2 cheesy wedges and he said 'Okay okay,no problem.'
Okay,that's all for now.
Gtg,good night and sweet dreams.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Say Bye Bye To Exam!

Exam,stupid exam,bye bye lah!!!!! XD
I can finally relax myself and get enough sleep from today onwards.
I am so happy and touched! >w<
I wanna do anything I want,and eat whatever I want. ^^
Wanna sleep at 10 after Kimora Lee Simmons at night later.
I am going to the butique and ceramic factory tomorrow!
So,I have to sacrifice a bit of my dance practices cuz the bus will not be back to school so early.
Sorry to make my partner to wait for me until 2!
I am sorry Ben...
Walao...why all my brothers are having flu,cough and sick de...
I had just recovered ah!
Don't come near me!!!
Just finish playing pet society...
Having violin class soon.
Practised,hahah! XD
Feels like drinking sour drinks lah...
I want orange juice...I want a cold one...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I Can't Wait!

Argh!!! Exam is gonna over soon! Very soon!
Can't wait until tomorrow's arrival,ahh...
After exam ends,I am going to sleep like a pig for days and weeks as my present for finishing the long long exam which lasted for almost a month.
I am not going to touch my books in weeks!
I am going to thrwo them off and do whatever I like!
I want my freedom back!
I don't wanna sleep late!
I wanna enjoy my life and the coming holiday!
I wanna eat like physco freak and play all the time!!
My TV!
My mask!
My food!
My friends!
My time!
My freedom!
My holiday!!! XDDDDDD
Wakaka...anyway,I feel sorry for form 5 students who are going to take their SPM soon...In 20 days right?
Gosh...I have to do something on...tut.
Wanna get some rest now,bye.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Dinner

It was a vegetarian restaurant located at Metro Prima.
It's not a very big restaurant but it is nice and comfortable.
I felt so exited and had no idea of what I should do after meeting teacher.
She's beautiful in her gaun,which is white and orange in colour.
She was busy,busying serving and welcoming her family and friends.
It starts at 8.30pm,which was half an hour late.
Yeow Xin and I were starving like hell.
Hahah,we were happy and laughed like kids when they started to serve the first dish.
There're 8 dishes but I did not ate much.
After that,we took a beautiful pic with teacher after she changed her gaun again.
It's a gold and dark blue combination gaun.
Her husband is kinda...skinny. XD
I wonder how he know my name.
When he saw me,he asked me whether I am Min Hua or not,and I answered him yes.
Then he said that I have grown up so much and is totally different,and I was...
Does he know me? XD
Hmm...okay,my conclusion is...
Teacher had showed my small kiddy picture to him!
Ahh! Teacher! XD
I am glad and happy that she is always remembering me no matter where she is.
Next time,I am going to invite she and her husband to my wedding dinner in the future.
I won't forget her.
We have known each other for 9 years same as Yeow Xin.
I appreciate what we have been through together,had our sweet times in the classroom,being my tuition teacher,and being my friend.
I hugged her before I leave.
I blessed her with my true heart,and hopefully she will have a blessed and blissful marriage.
I will miss her,and remember,keep in touch.
My beloved 'teacher',or should I call...aunty? XD
Best wishes,by me.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Durian Fever + Wedding Dinner!

Wakaka,guess what?
I ate 10 durians yesterday! XD
That's not my best record lah...
My best record is 15 at a time. XD
Wahaha! Crazy of durian! Ate like crazy ah!
Anyway,I was not feeling so well yesterday...I wanted to eat more de...
But I scared I will have fever...
Anyway,I was satisfied. ^^
Going to attend teacher's wedding dinner at night later,can't wait to see her. ^^
Hmm...what am I going to say when I see her?
Actually I called her last night but she was busy with her firends so we just talked so a few minutes only.
Slept at 1 last night...tired...
Took my bath just now,washed my hair and I fell better.
I managed to study 5 chapters yesterday,I rushed 2 and a half chapters in 1 and a half hours and that's amazing. XD
So...I better catch up today,cuz I will not be free tonight. ^^
Okay,that's all for now.
Goodluck for my fellow friends who are going to take Sejarah paper tomorrow.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Food Is ♥


Lazy Pig

Haiz...lazy to study Sejarah la...
I just studied one and the first chapter only...
Hopeless. TT
Hopefully I manage to study at least 5 chapters today...
Erm...for me,I need almost one and a half hour to finish a chapter.
So...there're 10 chapters...
And I'll need more than 15 hours to finish them all?
Oh gosh...I am dying. ==
I am going to study like hell today,I am going to sleep at midnight today...
For my own sake!
It's all my fault,I should have study some days before.
I was too lazy lah...cannot blame me.
Anyway,I feel quite...great after finish studying one chapter,although it's only one.
Going to attend teacher Cheah's wedding dinner tomorrow,exiting! XD
I know what to wear,hahah! XD
having a bloated stomach last night,suffered like hell.
I put on some oilment and ate a packet of 'tiny tinies' for my stomach,I did feel better.
I slept for half an hour accidentally after that.
It was 10.40pm when I woke up.
Luckily I woke up after that,hahah! XD
Feels like watching '500 days of Summer'.
I am going to watch that after exam. XD
Exam ah...let me over it as fast as possible bah...
I wanna relax and enjoy my holidays ah...
I don't wanna touch books for days as my celebration..^^
4 days fast fast,go go go.
That's all for now.
See ya. XD


Friday, October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday?
Hahah,no no no,it isn't freaky's just a name of a movie. :)
The time now is 11:09am.
I am heading to school with my brother later...
Sitting in uncle's bus together later,long time no see,uncle! XD
Don't know whether he allow me to follow his bus anot.
Erm...what to write...
Yea...I studied a few pages of Sejarah just now...
Wanna sleep ad,almost.
I love reading on the bed,but the disadvantage is -- you will feel very sleepy when you are reading.
Nevermind,it's a good start for me.
Going to attend teacher Cheah's wedding dinner with mummy,Yeowxin and her mummy this Sunday.
Exited! XD
Can't wait to see what changes had been made onto the bride teacher Cheah.
I do miss her a lot.
This is it,the Sundae~
Duh...I felt very mad too..
I wanna go to Sungai Wang and meet him!
My 'Ku Jun Byo'! XO
Too bad that I am having this dinner on Sunday,too.
The 'Ku Jun Byo' event is going to be held at 5pm,evening.
TT I have no hope,hopeless...
I have no time to go and meet him...
If there's a chance,I will sure be going there and I will bring along vege to meet him.
Ahh...he is so handsome...
My heart melts when I see his photo...
I wonder how does he looks like,I mean the real look of him.
He must be very handsome.
He can be cool,sunshine,cute,sweet,man and handsome.
He looks so sweet and cute in the 'Etude' advertisment.
Oh my God...his smile...I can't forget it forever...melted my heart...
I wanna meet him...But I can't...heart broken. >o<
haiz...I think the chance for him to visit malaysia is very small in the future...
He will become more and more famous,he will be busy and have no time to come to malaysia and meet his fans here...too bad.
This is a very very good chance but...haiz...
Let's just stop mentioning about it...
I will cry...TT
Okay,time to go.
Have a nice day,ciaoz.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Red is for blood,
Heart is for love,
Love is for you,
And you are for me.

We all love to spend lots of money on buying new clothes,
But never realise that the best times are enjoyed without clothes! XD

I'm not afraid of you,
I'm only afraid of losing you.

It takes 3 seconds to say I love you,
3 hours to explain it,
And a life time to prove it.

There are only 2 times I wanna be with you,
Now and forever.

A hug for you means I need you.
A kiss for you means I love you.
A call for you means I am missing you.

I hide my tears when I say your name,
But the pain in my heart is still the same.
Although I smile and seem carefree,
There is no one who misses you more than me.

1 year,
12 months,
365 days,
8760 hours,
525600 minutes,
31536000 seconds,
Every night,
And everytime,
I always miss you.

If you love me,
Let me know.
If you don't,
Let me go.

You can fall from the sky,
You can fall from the trees,
But the best way is
To fall in love with me.

Love is like heaven but can hurt like hell.

Love is seventh sense which destroy other sixth sense!

There are 12 months in a year,
30 days in a month,
7 days in a week,
24 hours in a day,
60 minutes an hour,
But only one like you in a lifetime.

If I has to choose between loving you and breathing,
I would use my last breath to say
'I love you'.

I will put a wall around my heart
And won't let anyone in
Because my heart will wait forever to be with you again.

Whenever I miss you,
I won't look for you in my dreams,
Or try to hear your voice in your messages,
I will just put my right hand across my chest and feel you.

I have 2 hands to hug you,
2 eyes to see you,
2 lips to kiss you,
But only 1 heart to love you.



Ponteng Sekolah

Okay...I am going to play truant tomorrow again...
There's nothing to do in the class...
I will just feeling tired and sleepy sitting there doing nothing...==
Yesh,I can slepp more and longer tomorrow! XD
Anyway,I am still going back to school for my dance practice tomorrow...
I scared I will not remember all the steps ah...
Sei lo...Recall faster...==
Went to McD just now...My God...I love Fillet-o-fish very much.
I love the bread on the top!
It just look so cute! XD And round! XDD
I am going to be fat if I am comtinue eating this always...Jangan makan lagilah u.
Having violin class later...have to practice later,I am not going to be scolded. Hmph! XO
Great,I got 100 bucks in pet lotery. ^^
Okay...just finish playing Pet society...
I get a cherry and a coconut today. :)
Erm...I am still very full I taken McD as my lunch just now...
So I decided to skip my dinner.^^
Okay...let's skip,if I can stand from the 'calling' of the food. XD
That's all for now,goodbye my hellow friends.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dizzy & Headache

I felt dizzy when I was taking BM paper 2 in class in the morning.
I felt dizzy for more than 2 and a half hour,terrible.
I can't really concentrate when I was feeling not well.
Duh...Mr.Shankar was walking here and there in the class during fourh and five period.
He keep on passing by my seat and my seat keep on shaking when I passed by.
I felt even more dizzy and can't stop feeling mad.
I can't control my mind,I keep on asking him to stop moving here and there,can't he just sit down on his chair quietly and stop making any movements of the floor?
It's not stabil and it suffered me!
I came home at four.
When I came home,my head started to feel pain,terrible.
It lasted for more than 1 hour,I was wondering why was I having these kind of problem these days?
Had not enough sleep?
I drank a cup of coffee at 7.15pm yesterday before I attended to Mr.Fong's class.
I wanna stay awake,and so for my mind to stay clear the whole time.
I don;t wanna yawn,I wanna pay my full attention to his teaching.
After I came back from tuition class,it's already 10.40pm.
I felt tired and sleppy but I can't sleep.
I still have to study my BM for today.
I haven'e really revise yet.
I started to blame myself,and again.
Hahah,useless,I know.
So...I study and study until 0000.
Good,and I woke up at 5 this morning to continue my novel part.
Wanna memorise some important points.
This is how I used to burn my midnight oil,all alone?
Not really,hahah...thanks to someone.^^
So...uploading some photos from my phone to Facebook right now...
Feeling kinda lazy to study BI later...
But I have no choice,I have to.
Otherwise,I will not forgive myself.
Okay then,got to go now.
It's late.
So...goodluck for my friends for tomorrow's English paper and,Hwaiting! XD
Go go go with LOVE.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Okay...I did enjoyed my weekend well...
Just came back to Grandma's house at Sunway from Golden Horses Palace-the hotel I went yesterday.
Super duper tired.
I swam yesterday,and I swam today.
My arms and legs are tired,maybe it's bcuz' of my lazyness to exersice always...
There were 10 people who went to the hotel,they're my family and my cousins and their family.
We reached to the hotel at 1pm.
Then,we checked in at the hotel and we headed to our room...
Oh my...our room was like...
Very far away,far far away~
It was kinda boring sitting in the room doing nothing...
So...I took out all my books and started reading.==
What...I am not suppose to study as I am on my vacation isn't it?
No way...I was too boring...I will die doing nothing.
Anyway,I just managed to study a few pages...Xp
Around 3pm,the weather was nice,so the adults asked us to go and swim.
After I changed my clothes into my swimming suit,teh shy starts crying. =,= was damn cold in the hotel and I was wearing my bikini??
Hah...luckily..the rain was not a heavy one and it stops very fast.
Good,I wanna burn my fats and my calories! XD
Opps...I forgot to exercise before I get into the water...
My arms and muscle! XO
Duh...I still don't dare to play with the slide. ==
They were playing with it like...happily and I was just sitting in the pool and watched them play...
I just don't have the guts to get onto the slide! I am scared!
It reminds me of something very embarrasing which happens in this opening year.
Erm...we went to the same place this year and...the same thing happened.
Last time,I don't have guts to play with the slide...
And the same thing was,they were enjoying the slide much.
They convinced me to have a try to play thye slide...
So...I have been convinced and...
I went to have a try.
I keep on telling myself that...
A person should try many things in their life,do not waste your life.
So...this was how I comfort myself.
I went up to the top of the slide...And I sat down slowly...
I can feel my heart beat...It's getting faster and faster. TT
Help...I was dying...
So...nothing happens after I sat down onto the top of the slide...
Bcuz...I just sat down and doing nothing..
I don't dare to slide down to the pool!
What if I am too heavy,what if nthe water splash is super huge?
What if my pp gets hurt?
What if I can't slide down and 'kek' in the middle of the slide?
Oh my God...I can't do it! It's killing me!
I sat on ot for more than 10 minutes...And I gave up. =.=
I can't do it...I can't slide...
TT And this time,they asked me to slide again and I said 'NO'.
No No No.
Sorry to dissapointing you all but...NO!.><.
Ahh...what a hot day...
I am sweating already...
Oh my...I am tired...keep on yawning.
I slept at 12.30am last night..
We were watching 'Transformer 2'..when the sory goes until the middle,I can't last anymore so I slept.
Plus I went for a swim again just now...I have used up my energy...
So...the conclusion is -- Steph's beat! to go for a rest...
I don't wanna become a panda.
So...good night guys.
Ciaoz + Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have A Nice Weekend! XD

Hahah,I feel so happy today,today is going to be a good day for sure! XD
I woke up at 6.15 in the morning and I was wondering why I woke up so early...
After that,I followed mummy to Jinjang market to buy some pork as tomorrow is grnadma's brithday...we are going to celebrate her birthday! ^^
We spent 45 minutes at the market,then we headed to Carefour for some food and some daily uses.
We have spent 45 minutes shopping at Carefour...FOOD! XD
Oh yea,a happy thing to share...
I am the first customer who first entered Carefour! XDDDDD
At first,a few people were waiting at the entrance,most of them are aunties. Xp
I told my mum that I am going to be the first one to enter the entrance,and I was the one who was standing nearest to the entrance. XD
When the 'gate'(I don't know what do we call that) opens,wahaha! I stepped a few steps to the front and laugh,wahahahaha!!!
I an the first person who stepped into the big big supermarket! XD
I am so proud of myself! >w<
Okay okay...after that,I went to grab my food and drinks,MILK! XD
I love milk,I just love milk,I don't know why,I just love milk.
I can't live without milk,hehe. ^^
So...bcuz' it's still early,there are less people compared to usual.
We no need to line up when we are paying money.
Then,mummy went to Maluri market for some bread.
We are bringing them to the hotel as our snacks.
Hopefully today will be a great day,and hopefully I manage to study a few topics of Sejarah...
I am going to bring my books to study...
I have to study! >o<
Okay,that's all for now.
Have to play Pet society as fast as I can,we are going off soon.
Have a nice day.
Oh yea,Happy Deepavali. XD


Friday, October 16, 2009

I am Sick,Once Again

I am sick,once again.
My mum says that I did not get enough sleep and rest during exam periods.
Hmm...I think so...
I did drank a lot of water but still...Who knows.
I wonder how am I going to the hotel tomorrow...
I will be okay right? Yeah,I will.
Just ate my medicine...I have medecines for throat,flu,fever and dizzy.
My flu...makes my nose blocked. =,=
Duh...I sick twice in a month?!
Hahah,yee yup,exactly.
I though I am a very strong person and will not fell sick so easily. XD
I did not fall sick at all when I was form 2.
I really thought I was damn healthy,wakaka!
I started to feel dizzy when I was attending Pn.Haris's class just now.
Hot body and blocked nose.
Mucus keep on being produced and I keep on wiping my nose with my tissues.
Havin Chemistry class tonight...lazy.==
Anyway,I do enjoy Chemistry class always cuz' Mr.Kent is such a good person and he is very patient.
I,a dumdum girl + f0rgetful,and he,a patient and kind teacher,it's good for me to met such a good teacher,although sometimes I don' really understand what he was saying. Xp
Feelin a bit dizzy right now...
Wow...I got 500 bucks in Pet society! XD
I just love my pet's outfit,I done them by myself. XD
Wanna buy the new stuffs but expensive...
I don't wanna spend so much of my money... >.<
Waiting for my trees to grow...
I want cherry tree...TT
Still left 1 dat 5 hours 15 minutes...for the trees to grow...
Have to wait for so long! XO
Yeah~ Finally,I get what I want...
A bear bear vegetable! XD
So cute! I wanna let it grow until gigantic in size. ^^
Duh...what am I going to do after playing computer?
Just finish playing pet society...
I wanna find some funny videos to post onto my facebook. XD
Oh my...looking at a cute little hamster...
It was making the word 'I love you' with guazhi! XD
Hahah,what a genius hamster!
Going to the hotel tomorrow...have to pack my things soon.
What to bring...importants...XD
- toothbrush
- facewash
- bras and panties
- bikini
- phone charger
- camera
- reference books ( BM )
- slippers
- medicine
okay...I think that's all...oh yea,pyjamas.
Packing time,sayurnara~


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flu + Sore Throat

Okay...I am having a light running nose right now...and my throat is a bit pain.
Duh...what happened to me again? O.O
I don't wanna fall sick again...scary. =,=
Okay...I ponteng today. XD
Feels so happy! Can play computer in the morning without looking at the stupid fellar.
No need to rampas the computer already,hahah! XD
Oh yea...I am having violin class tonight...have to practice later...
Just finished playing Pet society.
Erm...don't know what to write...
Haiz...will today be a boring day? I wonder.
I wanna study,but I am not in the mood to study.
How am I going to survive going into the exam 'room' without touching any books?
I will die.'s really...boring staying at home alone,I mean without friends sitting beside...
What to do? I am lazy. ^^
Have to start thinking and planning my time table ad...Have to study later,I don't wanna make myself regret.
I thought I will be reading last night...But I didn't.
I am too lazy...But I don't wanna die,so I must study. sounds...not logical at all...I need to study no matter what,I am not going to waste my time today. XD
Go Go Go! Gambadeh~ You can do it!
Yeah yeah yeah~ That's the spirit! XDDDDDDD
Okay...I am going insane...XD
Ahh...stupid flu...go back inside my nose!
I need water...kakak...air...
Listening at A1's song 'like a rose',it's an old song,simple but nice.^^
Okay,since I have nothing to do...erm...
Let's go eat,want?
Okay,cari makan lo~ Bye bye!
Muackss! XD


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Am Beat

Oh my God...look at my eyes and my face...
I look like a vampire!
My face!!! ARGH!!! XO
All red dot dots grow on my face...duh...
And I always feel sleepy no matter what am I doing and where an I.
I didn't get enough sleep I guess...
No,I really didn't get enough sleep.
I shall sleep early tonight,at 10.
I am not going to school tomorrow,wahah,I am going to play truant! XD
Muahaha! I am going to sleep like a pig tomorrow,I wanna sleep kaokao! X3
There are many absentists today...many friends did not attend to school...
Maybe it's because of the big rain i the morning and made the surroundings to feel sleepy or...
They are lazy? Hahah,who knows.^^
Okay...just finished playing Pet Society...
Lola--my pet smells stinks and was surrounded by flies!
The good thing is I had cleaned them for her.^^
Oh gosh...I got a running nose?? O.o
Why do I feel like...wet nose and...
Aiks,NO! I hate runnning nose! XO
Erm...I don't care,I am going to study BM tonight...
I don't wanna make myself regret when I am going to the hotel this Saturday and Sunday during Deepavali...
Yeah~ I am going to stay at Golden Horses Palace Hotel this weekend.
But I can't sudy anymore...
Mummy asked me to bring my books along...Yes,I will do it.
But I think it;s kinda...hard for me to concentrate as Yin,Fat,Mii2 and my brothers will be making fun there...
Mii2 is going to finish her exam in no time! XO
And I? 2 weeks time to go...DUH...=,=
So not fair...
Have to suffer summore...
I have to sleep early tonight! NONONO! I wanna have a mask theraphy before I sleep tonight...
My face...TT
Erm...just finish watching a video posted at facebook...
And I cried. It was a touching video.
Okay...time to go...for TV. XD
Okay,bye guys.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Help Me...

Help...I can't remember those experiments...
Hate them.
You know what?
I thought that I will be having Physics paper 1 and 2 tomorrow but no...
I will be having Chemistry and Physics paper 3...
I was shocked and I cried when I knew that I had studied for the wrong thing...
I began to panic...
Luckily I am now done with those stupid experiments...
Anyway,I just can't remember them all...
Fine,I had don my very best,it's time for me to relax now..
Long time never update my blog! XD
Miss ya!
Hopefully I will have less problems with my paper 3s tomorrow...
I was too clumsy and forgetful...I forgot my exam timetable...
Hahah...luckily I find it out today,otherwise...
I will be killed by myself.
Oh gosh...I forgot to hair!
Got to go now...
I am sorry,very very sorry.
Of yea,goodluck fellows! XD Muackss!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Go go go with LOVE ~!!!

Okay fellow friends...
Wishing all of you a very very BIG & Large wishes and GOODLUCK in your exams!
No matter what happens,please do not give up easily.
We live if we have hope.
All the best and do your best! XD
God will always be by your side.
HwaiTing! XD


Monday, October 5, 2009

Exam's Just Around The Corner

Exam's just around the corner,and I am scared.
I haven't really prepare myself for the final yet,never.
I am too lazy,keep on playing myself a fool and keep on forgiving myself for postponing my study time for days.
Today is Monday,I will be having my Add-maths exam on Wednesday.
Add-maths is my weakest subject and I am still have no idea how am I going to solve my problems for Add-maths.
I am dying,and I knew I would 'die' in no time.
* oh no,I am dead. *
This is me,the lazy Stephanie.
And she,she can easily forgiving herself on not preparing herself for her final year end exam and she is still playing around there?
Gosh,feels like killing myself now,I do feel bad,but the most stupid thing is,I would never change my bad attitude.
Before that,I told myself that I will pay more attentions and study earlier fpr my preparation for the final exam but still..
I have no strong determinations.
Aunt Iris sais that I have no confidence towards myself so I chose to give up.
I didn't give up,but the front part of her words is right.
I have no confidence.
Zero confidence.
I don't know how am I going to face my exam this time.
I can imagine that I will be burning the midnight oil everynight until the exam's over.
Maybe I will cry to express my feelings when I feel tired or regret.
I really wanna change myself to a better person,I mean a better planner and time user.
Hopefully God can help me this time,at least to revise all I have to revise.
I will do my best no matter what happens,this is for sure.
But the thing is,I am not sure that I can do well.
I can't.
I do not dare to have hope,bcuz I don't wanna have a bigger dissapointment after receiving my results.
My heart will be broken.
I think I will not updating my blog in days until I finished my exam.
I am scared,but what else can I do?
I need supports,I need love,I need confident,but I don't need pressure.
Hopefully my exam will be okay,I mean 'okay',and that's enough.
So...time to go and revise,so goodbye.
Oh yea,and goodluck to all my friends who is going to have their exams soon.
Take care and bye.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day Full Of Suprises II

I woke up twice in the morning.
The first one was 7.45am something.
And the second one made me feel happy and suprised.
The second time I woke up was on 9.40am!
Oh my,I haven't been waking up so late in years!
I just can't sleep long,normally I will wake up very early in the morning before 7.30am.
That's my first suprise.
During art class,I think Mr.Chin had forgotten about my art exam so...Just forget about it,and I can skip my art exam! XD
When mummy was fetching me from my art class,she asked me to guess something.
She told me that someone came to my house and we have never seen each other for a long time.
Then I just answered it correctly.^^
My mum told me not to say the answer out,but I just popped the whole thing out.
It was my primary school teacher.
She's 32 now,and she's going to marry! XD
I mean...what a sudden!
My guess was right,I am so proud of myself. X3
She invited me and my mum and Yeow Xin and her mum to attend her wedding dinner on 25 October,luckily we had ended our final exam on 25...
Miss her so much!
Long time never see her already,I wonder whether she has any changes or not.
Yeow Xin told me that she has a curly hair now,and she had become thinner.
Her wedding photos are awsome,she looks beautiful in those pictures.
I am going to make a call for her,and congratulate her! XD
I am so happy for her,looking forward for 25 october. ^^
Oh yea...I had a dream last night.
It was a kinda bad dream...
It started like this...
My dad sent me to buy some mooncakes one day after my tuition.
He asked me to go down and buy alone.
The shop is on the top of a building,there is a lift but I refused to take it because I scared to take the lift alone.
I chose the stairs and started to go up to the top.
When I reached to the third floor,I realised that there's someone up there.
I felt scared so I turned to my back and wanted to go down.
It's too late...there's a guy standing right behind me,'blocking my way'.
Okay,he's holding a scissors in his hands too...
I am scared that they will hurt me.
I know I am dead,so I jumped down from the building straight away withiut knowing what's down there.
At last,I hit myself onto a car and after that...
I have no idea what's the ending of the dream cuz' I was awake.
I think that I was crying in my dream.
I scared I am not going to see my loved ones anymore,so I cried.
It was scary,really really frightened me.
Hopefully I will have zero dreams tonight,I want to have a nice sleep without dreaming.
Okay,me and my fanily are going to celebrate mooncake festival at Benghan's house later.
Food! XD
Better go to get myself prepared right now,I don't wanna get scolded by them.
Okay,that's all for now,ciaoz.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Funny Present

Today,Shahrul gave me a very very special as a gift of apologize.
Erm...actually...something had happened between me and him yesterday...
He hit his table on my head...==
When he came in class after morning's assembly yesterday,he was deciding to sit besides Kar Yee.
So,he went to take his very own desk and...
When he was going to pass by my row beside me,he took his desk up and wanted to cross the row...then something had happened...
The desk he took bang on my head because he did not saw me..? head was like...pain and...
After an hour,I started to feel dizzy.=o=
Gosh...I did feel scared,I scared that something will happened on me and my head! XO
Luckily it had become okay after a few hours...phew...
Oh yea,he still owe me 2 Nando's! WAHAHA! XD
My Nando's!!! Gimme back my Nando's! XD
So exiting,hahah!
Opps...yea...back to the 'very special gift' thingy.
You know what?
He gave me a tin of 'Honey Lemon Drops',I mean sweets.
He gave me sweets as an apologize present?? O.o
How cute is he..==
Anyway,he gave me the very right thing for today.
Miss Tang had lose her voice today,and those sweets are useful and helpful for her throat,and I gave her 3.^^
Hopefully she will get back her voice soon,take care my dear Miss Tang! XD
And I shared them to my friends too. ^^
Duh...and something had happened again.=o=
I lost the present.TT
I think I had left it in the classroom...
Cuz I forgot whether I took it out from class or not already...
I am so clumsy and forgetful! My God!
I wanted to give Ben some cuz his throat was not feeling so well but I can't cuz I had lost them!
What a funny story I have...duh...
Forgetful pig = me.
Nando's! I want 2!
I will remember it until you pay 'them' for me,huh!
Time for dinner,gtg,toodles~
P.S: Take care,I mean those who are not feeling quite well.